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Christmas is Hard!


This is supposed to be the time of year when families and friends get together for special celebrations (I hope for extra treats and snacks.) This year it seems like all the people are stressed out. It started out ok. My mom has been busy all month baking cookies, and putting up trees and lights and stuff everywhere. I got in trouble for playing with the tree skirt. How was I supposed to know it wasn't a new blanket for me. Neither was the one in the other room! Some of those packages smell good too. I have a stocking hanging, but I can't reach it. Did you know it is REALLY fun to play with tissue paper? But it tears real easily. Then you get in trouble when they are wrapping presents. I need a nap. And some cookies.

Mom and Dad have been extra busy. There's lots of shopping bags coming in the house, and big boxes leaving the house. People are cranky. I hear them grumbling about money, and Christmas cards, and being tired. When do we get to eat? They even forgot to feed me one night. Then, I had an accident in the living room, and I got in BIG TROUBLE! They keep having soup for dinner, and there are no scraps.

It rained all day Monday, and it was fun to run through the puddles. But when we came in, I couldn't sit on the couch, and I got yelled at for footprints on the floor. Her footprints were there too! I am just going to sleep by the fire. I am going to try to stay out of everyone's way until this holiday stuff is over. Today she was grumbling about having to go to "Jury Duty". I don't know what that is, but she didn't look happy. I didn't get to go. I am home alone. I think it would be fun to open some of those presents under the tree. I am a smart dog. I could do it, but something tells me I better not, right?


My birthday is December 26. I will be 16. I guess that's pretty good for a dog. Why do they keep saying, "Next year we are going to Rome for Christmas!" Will they take me too?

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Christmas doesn't look so good, from a dog's perspective! But I love the idea of Christmas in Rome.

Gerardina :

don't worry little guy. your 'lil doggy antics will be the very stories your parents will humorously tell during slow GTG over wine, cheese and martini's.
Buona Natale e la Buona Fortuna!


A smart dog, will not only unwrap the presents, but wrap them again before Mom and Dad get home. ;)

Ego~ You look very snappy in your holiday outfit. Fancy isn't happy with all of this soup either!


Oh, Ego, you are adorable!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots and lots of treats!

Hugs and pets from your Aunt Nancy


Ego, getting ready for Christmas is a bit like getting ready for a big GTG - remember how they treated you before that big party?

In the end it is all worth the neglect. They will make it up to you next week with lots of love and treats - I'll bet they'll even let you play with the wrapping paper on Christmas Day!

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