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Irrational Thoughts While Gambling

I find a video poker machine when I arrive. It is now MY machine. It should be available to me whenever I am in the casino at any time of the day or night during the weekend. No one else should sit there and play when I am sleeping, eating, shopping or otherwise unavailable. Even worse would be if someone won some money from it in my absence!

I imagine there is a big room somewhere up above where people are watching various areas of the casino. If I smile a lot and look like a nice person, the guy up there will give me good cards, or an occasional jackpot.

I think, "I deserve to win!"

On the first evening, MY machine will encourage me. it is a GOOD machine. I pat it and tell it so.

The second day, it is a BAD machine. it is EATING my money! I think, "Just one more $20."

"Ok, but just one more $20!"

"You are a HORRIBLE machine. You suck. "

"Really, this is my last $20."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. You are a nice machine. You are the best machine here."

Now I am talking to a machine...out loud. (At least it doesn't answer me.)

"Doesn't that stupid guy up in the secret room recognize me from yesterday?"

"Oh look, there is another $20 in the back of my wallet. "

"I can't leave now. I'm due for a big one!"

"Finally, a four of a kind! The guy who is watching must be back from his break!"

"OMG, another one! You are a good machine, and I will never leave you!"

Brad was two machines away. He said, "Look at this!" He got his first ever ROYAL FLUSH! That's $1000.000 folks! I didn't take this photo until after he had cashed out, and put in $100 to play with, but you can still see the pretty Royal Flush and the "Win 4000 (4000 quarters)." He gave me a $100 bill. He did NOT put it all back into his machine. He came home with MOST of it.


When Brad won, the band was playing "Freedom". He thought, "Yes, money would give me some freedom. Bring me some." He pushed the buttons in time to the music. He won.

The next day, the band played "Freedom" again. Brad RAN over to HIS machine and stuck in $20. (He is not loyal like I am.) He lost his $20. My machine didn't care that I am loyal.

"MY machine sucked."

My machine was a good machine on our last night. The guy in the room with the cameras, however, should find another job. We earned LOTS of points to come back for another "free" stay. I will go back to MY machine.

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