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BIG Kitchen Disaster

The other night, Brad was kneading pizza dough. I walked into my pantry and put away a box of foil. Then I heard a crash, like glass breaking. I walked over to see what it was, and there on the floor was a river of a priceless liter bottle of new Umbrian olive oil pouring toward me.


I was helpless to stop the flow, backing away from it yelling, "Oh my God", about twenty times in horror at the loss. Brad grabbed the dog and threw him outside, so we didn't have little Ego oil prints all over the house, on top of the current mess. I grabbed the camera, as only a blogger would do at a time like this. My beautiful, delicious, EXPENSIVE, and worth every penny oil from Mauro...gone. Look at that gorgeous green color. Believe me, I did THINK about ringing it out into another container to try to save some, as my floor was pretty clean before this happened. It was only the hundred shards of glass that kept me from doing so. Yes, there were tears over the loss. It is not like I can go to the store and replace it. Wine lovers, this was like a priceless bottle to me! Those of you who purchase oil from Le Case Gialle know what I mean.

The cleanup was pretty awful. Three towels, a roll of paper towels, half a bottle of stone cleaner, four rinses, and 50 minutes later, we had my travertine marble floor back to normal. It was a slip and slide of a mess, as the whole doorway of the pantry was eventually blocked by oil. My shoes are still outside. I have two precious bottles of oil left. They are safely stored in stryofoam packing material in the garage.

In the big picture of life, this isn't the end of the world. Brad's 1998 Lexus also died a violent death this week. It had over 180, 000 miles on it. It would need a $7,000 new engine to go another step. We do NOT have money for a new car in the budget. He is in a rental car for the week. The timing of this really sucks.

If I am honest, I feel worse about the oil.

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Oh,Palma. This is a diaster!! You'll just have to go back next year and get more.!

Dear lord what a crisis. I'd be on the couch with despair!

That is awful! and what a mess.

Sorry about Brad's car too. I think he might just need a little vespa to zip to work and back.


What a mess -- and what a loss. But the oil does look really lovely, spread out like that....


I don't like that word "violent" - I hope this doesn't mean there was an accident involved.

I am really sorry about the olive oil. I would be crying too - I love good olive oil almost as much as good wine!

I feel you pain! Won't you be back there this summer???!


Oh Palma, I know what a mess that is to clean up. Had a similar expeience last year, but with the local/cheaper oil. Now, I keep it on the bottom shelf of the pantry. Joe tried to help me clean it up. But when I saw him comming with the broom, I screamed and he disappeared :)!!

ok, the oil is a shame -- it happened to me not too long ago!

But about the car: if it had to go, it went at a time when negotiating a new deal will be definitely in your favor. :) You can get that new car price down, I know you can!


Oh that is heart breaking! I feel your pain. At least you have 2 more.
Bummer about Brad's car too. Good luck in replacing it.


Bummer; I too don't know what's worse the oil or the car... You've had a rough week. Hope Brad is okay.

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