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Television Habits

I'm not a huge TV fan. I think my ex-husband ruined me for television. He was General Manager of a TV station, so our world revolved around it. We had one in every room, including the bathroom, and they were almost always on if he was home (except during dinner). Of course he had to watch his own newscasters, his commercials (his clients), and all the competition. He used a remote, like no one I have ever seen! Television was like "the other woman" in our marriage. After our divorce, I didn't watch TV for 4 years. Then Princess Diana died, and I had cable hooked up so I could watch the coverage.

Right now, I am watching more than usual (about 10 hrs a week). Except for Election Day and the Inaugaration, my TV never goes on until about 8 PM. Here is my schedule:

Desperate Housewives

True Beauty
(sad but true)

American Idol
The Mentalist

American Idol
Lie to Me
(I love this new show!)
Top Chef (or Project Runway off season)

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

(rarely) Lipstick Jungle

none...it is date night

This list is rather pathetic for two people with Masters degrees, but, the purpose is entertainment and distraction, right? Occasionally, we watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, or something on the Food or Travel Channel. Once in a while we watch a movie.

I have never gotten hooked on Survivor, Dancing With the Stars or Lost. I will admit to an episode of The Housewives of both OC and NY, but can't do it on a weekly basis.

I absolutely love 24, but must watch them recorded without commercials, usually several episodes at a time in marathon fashion, because I cannot wait a week to see what will happen.

I still miss Tony Soprano!

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Wow, even in the bathroom! I grew up being my mom's remote. I remember sitting in front of the TV switching the channels for her (before remotes were invented) and occasionally holding the tinfoil on the rabbit ears to help get the reception.

I also watch Desperate Housewives, Grey's and Private Practice. I have seen the Mentalist once. Interesting show. I get hooked on new shows pretty easily and am trying to keep my list to 11 that I watch regularly right now (two of which are short seasons). I love 24 and Lost. I look at TV as a way of winding down after a long day.


Have you tried Dexter on Showtime? He's the new Tony Soprano! How about Mad Men? It's only on for a short period, then off for a long time, so you don't have to get so "committed."

Girasoli--I had to laugh about you being your mom's remote! It brought back memories!


Love Dexter but only saw the first season so far through Netflix. BTW - A&E is doing repeats of the Sopranos and they're showing the final season soon (still haven't seen all of that).

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