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Welcome Home Laptop


My laptop is home. It has been hell having it gone to the Mac shop for 9 days! Take my car, or my TV, or my phone away, but PLEASE not my computer! There were 429 emails waiting for me. I have deleted all but 293, but by then I was feeling insane, so the rest can wait. The best news is that I can blog again!

Ok, it wasn't that I had to do completely without the internet...

I was able to use Brad's old laptop. First of all, I am not a PC girl. I have always had a Mac since 1987. I do not do "left click-right click". Weird.

His machine gave a whole new meaning to the word S-L-O-W. Maybe it is me, but I think 45 minutes is a long time to sign on to Slow Talk!

So I WAS able to post on Slow Talk, and send or read private messages. I was not able to blog, or get to my recipes, photos, or read blog comments! My crack fix each day!
Those of you who comment, God Bless you! Do you know how lovely it is for the blog author to read those each day? I need to post more comments on the blogs I read! They are part of what keeps us blogging!

And how was it that I chose last week to be without my laptop. I think it was because I was tired of the "issues" my baby was having. It was also because I had blogged ahead for 7 days, thinking, "surely it will be back before Friday!" What was I thinking?
I wanted/needed my computer to re-watch details of the inauguration!

I also wasn't able to post anything on Inauguration Day. I was glued to the TV as much as possible. I was happy, proud, and very emotional. OUR President is awesome. The First Lady is lovely, and a great mom. It will be fun to watch Malia and Sasha grow up in the White House. What an amazing day in history! God Bless this new administration!

If you have not yet visited the new White House website, check it out. Fabulous!

This was our special treat during the "Neighborhood Ball". I baked "Obama mini-cheesecakes with raspberry sauce".


Oh, I'm so happy to be back to the land of blogging!

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Barb Cabot:

I was thinking everyday when your laptop would be coming home. Welcome home Laptop! Yay! Let the blogging continue.

GLAD to see you back to blogging. I KNOW what you mean to be without our computers.

I leave for home Sunday. If there is any news, send me a PM or an email. Otherwise, we will be in touch in February.

Hugs to you and Brad.


I know you must be a happy camper today with your "baby" home!

See you next Saturday in Paso!

Welcome home laptop!! I feel the same way. Take away everything else, but not may computer and internet connection. 9 days is a very long time!!

I have the same laptop and love it. I am also not a PC person. I am forced to use a PC at work for a certain program and have learned some things (including the left/right click thing) but will always be a Mac person at heart. I bought my first Mac in 1989.


Palma, I missed you! Welcome back, and see you and Brad in Paso this weekend.


429 e-mails? I'm sure glad that wasn't me. Glad you've got your computer back.


I would be lost without my home laptop! I'm very happy for you, now that yours has come home.

Welcome back laptop and welcome back Palma!! Good job with the scheduling, though. And yes, hooray for the new president!!

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