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A Little Romance


The year we met, Brad gave me a piece of sheet music in my Christmas stocking. He said it was the song that reminded him of us. That Christmas he also gave me/us a well thought-out romantic weekend trip to Mendocino for the upcoming Valentine's Day weekend. I had the sheet music framed with a photo and gave him that as a Valentine's Day gift.


I googled "Once in a lifetime lyrics" and got pages of songs I didn't know, by artists I had only heard of about four of. What can I say? I am old! I found lyrics from Keith Urban, Beyonce, Talking Heads, Dragonforce, Freestyle, Sarah Brightman, Michael Bolton, Craig David, Enigma, Gregorian (in Spanish), Edyta Gorniak, Gary Moore (thought he was an old game show host!), Malpraktis, Gazpacho, Oleta Adams, Ronan Keating, .38 Special, Alabama, and more... What the ____?

FINALLY, on page 6, I saw Bobby Darin's name, (someone I KNEW!) and lyrics I recognized. Go figure! I am out of touch with the twenty-first century, living in my "oldies" world. I am happy there! My sheet music lists "words and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley".


Just once in a lifetime, a man knows a moment
One wonderful moment when fate takes his hand
And this is my moment - my once in a lifetime
When I can explore a new and exciting land.
For once in my lifetime, I feel like a giant
I soar like an eagle as tho' I had wings
This is my moment, my destiny calls me
And tho' it may be just once in my lifetime,
I know I can do great things.

Check out Brad's head of hair and my skinny face 11 years ago! Who are these people?


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You and Brad have not changed much over the years!(smile)

Denise (DLSC):

Palma that is a wonderful gift, both times! It must be the only proper way to "re-gift." Love the photo, too. Obviously Brad was a fantastic catch!


Awwwww, too cute! My husband and I are celebrating our 11th Anniversary on Valentine's Day!


OMG Wow I remember you guys back then!! Great memory! Great photo!! I still
remember the first time you showed me a photo of Brad and I commented on his gorgeous blues eyes...do you remember Palma? we were either over on Maui or at your house in Redwood Shores when I came out for the ONS convention(that was 5/9/98).Time sure flies!!!!


Very sweet, and a lovely memory for you both!

That's a sweet story. Wishing you and Brad a wonderful Valentine's Day this year.


IIRC, the music is from "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off", a musical from the '60s that featured Newley and also the great "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

Now, if someone had given me sheet music to the latter song after meeting me....


WOW, 11 years? Really? I also remember that time... way back when... You haven't changed much and neither has Brad... Changes are for the better.


What a darling photo! You were a beautiful couple then, and you still are!


So cute!

Terry (teaberry):

Cute then, even cuter now! Happy V Day!

Eleven years has been very kind to the two of you. You look as great today as you did then.

Great story. I cracked up reading about your search with all the unknown artists.

Barb Cabot:

I'm behind and just catching up. I love this story and the exchange of such meaningful gifts...ah such a sweet and romantic beginning. I bet the sparks flew like crazy. You were destined for each other. It's makes all the years before, all the waiting for the right person worthwhile. I love thinking of you two together. Your story brought chills when I read the lyrics. Beautiful post. Thank you.

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