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It's time to finish up my posts on Solvang, but what would a trip to Solvang be without a breakfast of Aebleskivers? Of COURSE we had an aebleskiver breakfast before we left for our drive home.


Aebleskivers are traditional Danish pancakes that are round like a ball. They may be served with jam, syrup, powdered sugar, for breakfast, or even for dessert. They may be "stuffed" with fruit, jam, or cinnamon and sugar.

The Solvang Restaurant has a LARGE built-in pan that stays busy all day.


Here's a fresh batch ready to go.


I have fond memories of our college sorority house cook making aebleskivers occasionally for a special breakfast. I bought my mom a pan one year for Mother's Day, and still have the pan. I pull it out about once a year. I bought a bag of mix in Solvang. Just add milk and eggs, and heat the pan on your cooktop. Use a knitting needle or a wooden skewer to flip them in the pan.



We used some of my mixed berry jam with some, and persimmon preserves with the other half.



I think we're good now for another year!

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Barb Cabot:

Wow aebleskivers! How smart you were to seek out these Danish little delights while in Solvang. I have not had these in years but it does also remind me of college days. One year I shared an apartment with three other students. One of the roommates, Danish American had an aebleskiver pan. He often made these for the three other roommates (all girls!). We were lucky. Iloved them.

Those look quite yummy!

Looks delicious! We have something similar in Norway, there they are called "munker" but I have only had it a few times in my life. It is interesting that æbleskiver really means "slices of apple." Wonder how the name came about!


Oh god, aeblskivers, David's favorite thing about Solvang - we have an aeblskiver pan collecting dust because I think he is more into the memories than he is into making them. So, if we ever have an opportunity to have breakfast at your house . . .in our dating days, he would have them with a Damish beer!


Interesting! I'm a pancake fan, although I don't indulge very often. I imagine these could disappear pretty fast.

These look really good. I'll have to keep them in mind for my next visit to Chez Palmabella B and B!

I don't think I have had these when in Solvang. Will have to remember these if I get back there again. They look yummy.

I love these, Palma!
Thanks for the reminder of just how much...

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