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Olive Oil


There was recently a thread on Slow Talk about "How many kinds of mustard are in your fridge?" I have two: yellow and dijon. That's it. I guess I am not into mustard. I put the yellow stuff in egg salad, or once a year on a hot dog. I use the dijon for cooking or in salad dressings, never on a sandwich! Ok, enough about mustard...but it made me think, "How many kinds of olive oil do I have?" I AM into olive oil! I decided to take an inventory.

There is the GOOD oil. This is for savoring, drizzling, or enhancing. The BEST I have had is from Le Case Gialle in Umbria. I only have two bottles left. Also pictured is the "Olio Nuovo" from Pasolivo, and a bottle from Banfi vineyards in Tuscany. I really love olive oil from Puglia, but haven't found any in a while.


Can you tell the beautiful GREEN color?


Then there is the FLAVORED oil I use for cooking, or baking. Lime, mandarin, basil, garlic and lemon oils are shown here.


Then we have the CHEAP STUFF from Costco. This is this year's Toscano oil in the GLASS bottles. Costco only has it once a year, and when it is gone, it is GONE. This is fine for frying and recipes where it won't make much of a difference.


I guess I have enough olive oil. !2 bottles should hold me until next fall. I better not buy any more. But I can still paint it!


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I really like your watercolor.

I'm with you! I can never have too much great olive oil and it is the one item that I willingly will spend money on and not worry about the cost!

Great post Palma! And I love the painting.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Palma~ you painting is fabulous. Maybe I can win that one at the next GTG!

I am into olive oil too! I love your painting.


Actually,I think the Toscano Costco oil is pretty good. Better than many that you find in Italy and better than most from California --many which seem to have bitter tastes. I do always bring back some from my two favorite places in Italy but am not unhappy when all that is left is the Costco.


You are really a good artist. Love that painting.

Nice varied collection! I buy it by the 5 liter jug from the oleificio and go through it faster than you might think. Fortunately, it is good enough as well as cheap enough to be both my good oil and my everyday oil.
Lovely painting - is there no limit to your talents?

Great painting, miss Palma!

Palma, I love it that you love olive oil so much! I love it that you love it enough to paint it.


I love good oils too! I used to use a lot of flavored grapeseed oils, but I have kind of switched over to olive oils now.

I think the Costco oil is really good too.

Barb Cabot:

The painting is really charming! I love it.

I can't wait for you to try ours in July!!!!!!!!!!


I finally found the Costco Toscano olive oil at our Costco this week after checking a few times. I was thrilled! I also don't mind paying for a good olive oil. I rarely use any other oil. I was so sorry to read about your broken bottle of olive oil. I am glad you have many more bottles on hand. I love your painting.

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