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The Letter "C"

This meme has been going around the "neighborhood". Barb C from Follow Barb's Bilss tagged me with the letter C.

1. Crayons

This was the very first word I thought of! I still love crayons. Remember the thrill of a brand new BIG box? The smell? My red ones and yellow ones were always the shortest. I was good at staying within the lines.


2. Cooking

No surprise here! I love to cook, and have gotten even more ambitious in the past couple of years. If I had a penny for every recipe...


3. Capri


I have visited this magical island four times, and am ready to go back at a moment's notice. Yes, it can get crowded with day trippers. Yes, it is expensive. I don't care! It is beautiful, calming, stunning, luscious, extravagant, and lures me back time and time again. In fact...I'm about due for another visit. It has been almost three years!

4. Cheese

Clearly my favorite food! My mom said I used to sneak chunks of blue cheese into the shopping cart when I was just a toddler. Favorites are gorgonzola dolce, smoked gouda, sharp cheddar, brie, robiola, and pecorino. Could I cook at ALL without cheese?


5. Caesar's Palace

Sorry, Disney, but this is still my "Magic Kingdom". Though for the past few visits we've been staying at cheaper digs down by the Eiffel Tower, for 30 years, I have hailed Caesar a couple times a year. My favorite time to be at Caesar's is summer, when the crowds are down, the weather is hot, and I stay sealed in the AC of the casino or Forum Shops. I have spent many happy hours (and "happy hours") floating in the pool with a forzen vodka lemonade! I have a favorite video poker machine that has been very nice to me as well.


6. coffee

I am an addict. No doubt about it. I have gone from 3 pots a day to two. Do not expect whole sentences before my second cup. With skim milk and Sweet & Low in the morning, an occasional latte, black or espresso with dessert, please. In Italy, you will find me in a cafe for an average of 6-8 cups a day! I have no problem sleeping after a double!



7. Caramel

Well, if you have been to my house for dessert, you know I can find plenty of ways to indulge in this creamy, buttery substance. You chocoholics can have the dark stuff. I'll take gooey, buttery caramel in any form!


8. ceramics

I have been know to frequent ceramic shops in Italy (or anywhere). I love the colors, fruit, flowers, designs and quality of Italian ceramics. I have pieces from San Gimignano, Vietri, Positano, Capri, Lucca, Radda, Florence, Ravello, Orvieto, Montefalco, and Deruta. It scares Brad when the sales staff at several shops know me by name!


9. Chicos

I was going to say clothes for this one, but to be even more specific, many of mine come from Chicos. Easy, casual, affordable, and I don't ever have to try anything on! Look what I got in my Valentine's card. I have been very well-behaved since before Christmas, and I sense a shopping trip soon! This snazzy sweatshirt will be coming home with me.


10. computer

Of course, I love my laptop computer! How else would I be able to blog daily, save photos, stay connected with my Slow Travel friends, chat, file recipes, surf the internet, etc.? Blogging has become a daily routine that I enjoy. I not sure about some of the social networking stuff yet, but I recently joined both Twitter and MySpace. I obviously have too much time on my hands!





Comments (11)


A fabulous list, Palma! So many of my favourite things as well.


So typing this while wearing my Chico's jeans :), but I do like your list - like sandrac, many of my favorite things are on it as well.

You've got some great photos here. I can almost taste the caramel cake (but I'd rather actually taste it than just imagine what it tastes like), Capri is beautiful, and I love the photo of you drinking a cappucino.


'C' was the perfect letter for you wasn't it?


Like Jan, I say that you certainly picked the right letter when you picked "C". So very Palma!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

You were spot on Palma!
Love the list.

Great list, Palma. I agree that it's definitely YOU.

Barb Cabot:

Wonderful read, wonderful pictures, wonderful choices. All of these things are really you. Great post Palma!

Great list Palma. And I love all your photos. Your ceramics look great, and your caramel cake, yum!

I also agree...C fits you perfectly. Great list. Fun to read :)

Great list and it definitely reflected you! Mmmm cheese...

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