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Bouganvillea LOVE sunshine, so they do very well here in the dessert. I think they are most beautiful in the spring, before our really warm weather comes. We are pleasantly in the low 80's right now, and the bouganvillea seem to be everywhere! My yard is filled with the most common color, a bright magenta.


Everywhere you look, are solid walls of bright pink!


But these tropical flowers come in lots of other shades. How beautiful is this orange colored wall, with a few sprigs of white and some variegated leaves?



These coral or salmon colored bouganvillea remind me of flames! There are so many shades when the sun is directly on them!


Now for my least favorites: the light pink and purple. Not enough drama for me I guess.



I saved the best for last! These are much rarer to see, but I knew just where to look, and I think the simple white bouganvillea is just stunning! They remind me of a wedding.



Their beauty makes us forget all the time we spend sweeping dropped blossoms off our patio when it is windy, or the bucketfuls that end up in our pool filter basket each year! We are lucky to have them in bloom all year long.

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Barb Cabot:

Ooooh Palma, These flowers fill up my heart and make me feel happy. Is there anything so powerful as the beauty of nature, the color, the fragrance...really such pure loveliness. Your flower photos lift me up. Thank you.


They are such beautiful photos,Palma. I wish it would warm up here!


The photos are gorgeous, Palma!

This is the time I love in the desert - if the hot, hot summer didn't come, I would still be living there!


Gorgeous photos, Palma. The colours are incredible. Hurry up, spring!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

I love the white ones... they look like lace!


My best friend's mother loved the color orange and filled their pool area with orange bouganvillas - I always think of her when I see that that particular color.

Just beautiful! It must be so wonderful and inspiring to have these beautiful shrubs around you.

I love bouganvillea. I had never seen them before moving to Hawaii. They are everywhere here. I love the purple and the pink ones the most. I was surprised when I first saw them in Italy, always thinking they were a tropical flower. Love your photos.

Randy and Bea Miller:

how and where can we get some of those varied colors. We just got some pink ones, would be interesting to mix as many colors as possible. Any suggestions? WE live in Albany Georgia.


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