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St. Paddy's Dinner and Brownie Pops

Yesterday morning, I was reading blogs, and saw a couple great recipes for Irish Soda bread. I checked my fridge, and yes, I had just about a cup of leftover buttermilk. So I whipped up a loaf of Marcia's bread. YUM! That was a treat for lunch!


Our dinner was simple. I had already cooked our annual corned beef on Tuesday, and it was marinating in BBQ sauce in the fridge. 30 minutes in foil on the BBQ and Brad sliced it for our corned beef panini with some broccoli slaw.


Yesterday's cupcakes went to my interns, so I needed a little St. Paddy's dessert for Brad. I had seen these treats on the internet, and while wandering through Michael's craft store last week, saw a brownie pop silacon pan. Bake a brownie mix, pour in the mold (in three batches - 8 at a time), pop them out, put a stick in them, and dip, decorate as you'd like. End result is a brownie n a stick. I thought Brad might like some for St. Patrick's Day, since the cupcakes were going to my interns at work. Since I'm not a chocolate fan, I figured they wouldn't tempt me!


The first batch went in, and stuck, as I followed the directions. Forget the directions, I then sprayed the mold first! The next two batches were easy as...brownies! I baked mine for 30 minutes per batch. They got better looking.


When they were cool, I put in a stick, dipped them in some candy melts I had laying around since the holidays, and dipped them in colored sugar. Put them on a parchment lined baking sheet, and pop them into the fridge. Dessert on a stick, and just the right size!


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Looks good - I hope Brad realizes how spoiled he is! LOL


Lucky, lucky Brad!


I'm glad you liked the soda bread recipe, after trying many over the years, this is the family "fan" favorite.

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