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Favorite Kitchen Tools

What can you not live without in YOUR kitchen? (OK, we could probably live without a lot of conveniences, and I don't mean anything BIG, like your oven or fridge!) But what are your favorite kitchen tools or gadgets?

Of my appliences, I most love my Kitchen Aid mixer...but could use a hand mixer if I had to. (or even a whisk, I guess.) I don't know how I did without one of these! We have spent many happy hours together! It sometimes gets used three times in a day!


What do I love, and use a lot? My 1980s Cuisinart food processor. Yes, this comes out of the pantry at least once a week. This baby has been though many years with me, grated a gazillion pounds of cheese, and made lots of dough! I hope this doesn't hurt feelings of the blender, ice cream maker, or panini grill! I do not own a crock pot!


Let's get down to smaller items that make cooking more fun and convenient. Of course we must have knives! Brad has his, and I have mine. He takes care of sharpening, but I often let the butcher at Bristol Farms sharpen mine for free.


My three favorite "convenience items" are:

1.My egg separator (so quick, with no mess). Of course I can separate eggs using just their shell, but why?


2. My handy dandy battery powered sifter (just push the button, and what sounds like a phone on vibrate will zap those dry baking ingredients through in 2 seconds!) I'd like to think a woman thought of this!


3. My microplane grater/zester is something else I don't know how I lived without for years. It gets quite a workout with citrus.


Just for fun? My spatulas match the season or my mood:




and how fun is it to whisk with these?


What is YOUR favorite kitchen tool or gadget?

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I love my new panini maker !!! I also love absolutely love my MINI Cuisinart food processor. I can't ever live without it.

Does the office count? At home I have too many gadgets to pick a fav. But at work it is my new Keurig Coffee maker, hands down!!! I'm sipping a Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee right now!


As you know I spend minimal time in the kitchen...but Terry loves his new Kitchen Aide immersion blender. It came with attachments for chopping etc which is great for small jobs when you don't want to wash the big food processor.

We all like the Microplane full box grater - we saw it at Ann & Scott's place and had to get one. Like you we use the little zester one all the time. Yes what did we do pre microplane?

I love your multi coloured whisks!

I'll watch this post with interest because I have had a WS gift card burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas.

I've been a long time hold out on the stand up mixer. I *know* I need to get one but I keep holding out.

I don't use appliances that often since I now bake less. I think I love my blender the best right now. It is great for making up spice pastes for curry and chili.

I also have a circa 1980 food processor (DLC-8F). I desperately need a new bowl but I can't find them. Or at least not for anything less than a new processor! I need to go searching again and hopefully something will pop-up on E-Bay.


This actually reminds me which of my 'tools and gadgets' need replacing - right now I am in need of more knives as ours have been mysteriously disappearing.

I had that same cuisinart food processor until a few months ago. I had some "points" I won through work that I had to spend on something, and upgraded to a kitchenaid food processor. I do like my new one. And the kitchenaid mixer, I'm with you-I don't know how I did without it for so many years.


Sheena, I'm with you except Ken is not Terry in the kitchen. I really like my silicone spatulas because they don't burn or get charred. Can just be left in the pan for the next stir. Judith put me on to these. I have a new cuisinart dutch oven that I love. Let's see--I agree--knives are key. And I have a tomato knife that I have had for years and occasionally panic when it can't be found. I would hate to lose it.


I am attached to all of the things that you mention (except the Stand Mixer), plus my Crockpot and the container that comes with Good Seasoning Salad Dressing -I find the oil & vinegar markings are just right for a Vinaigrette. Oh, I also love my coffee scoop which I have had forever.
I have only recently begun to bake and I am thinking that a Stand Mixer would be so nice to have!


I have a KitchenAid standing mixer like yours, Palma, but mine is tangerine color.

I especially like all of my KitchenAid small appliances and utensils - they are really well made. I have nearly everything they make in tangerine.

I especially like my KitchenAid mini chopper - it gets used a lot.

When I got my Calphalon pans, I got a set of their utensils too, and I have used them a lot.

Good post, Palma!


Definitely my George Foreman grill, small in size, but handy for sandwiches, chops and grilling some veggies. May I borrow your whisks, please? Mine are just too bland to use now that I've seen yours!
Jo in GA.


Deb, the coffee pot is my MOST USED appliance!

Marta, My Cuisinart bowl is cracked, but doesn't leak yet. Let me know if you find one!

Sheena, I also got an immersion blender when we started the soups, and love it, but haven't used any of the attachments.

Jo, the whisks are from Sur La Table.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses!

Shelagh (SJ):

Love all your colourful kitchen "friends", Palma!
Your kitchen is a happy place!
I'm not a great cook, but I love my rice-cooker!
Also my spatula with an "egghead" face on it.

I also could not live without my rice cooker. If I ever moved back to the mainland, that would be one thing I would definitely pack, especially since they are probably not so easy to find in some parts of the country. I have a very tiny kitchen. No room for a nice mixer (have a hand held one), a food processor, or an ice cream maker. Would buy all 3 if I had the room. I love your mulit-colored whisks and colorful spatulas. Fun post!

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