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Party Favors

It is official. I am insane.

Two weeks ago, I made these sugar cookies and froze them. No, cookie cutter. I made a paper pattern and cut around it with a knife.


Tuesday, I iced them (frozen) in 5 colors of royal icing.


Now they look like flip flops!


Then I wrote on them with edible felt pens. (insane part)



Now they are individually wrapped and in my fridge, waiting for their ride to San Diego tomorrow.

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Palma-Okay, you might be a little crazy(in a good way!), but those cookies are just adorable. I'm sure they will be the hit of the party. Thanks for a great idea also.


Those cookies are adorable, Palma! The bride and groom will be thrilled!

Sometimes a little insanity keeps a sane!

I think they are really cute!! :)

Palma, you are the most creative person I know, and I LOVE seeing your latest creations! These cookies are so cute, and I'm sure they'll be yummy too!


I love my INSANE PalmaBella! Only a Perfect Italian Godmother would put so much time, effort and LOVE into party favors and haul them all the way to San Diego! Thank YOU for being so insanely wonderful!!!!

Adorable-you are so talented and have so much patience! I am not very good at anything so detailed.

These look adorable, Palma. Great job!


Palma, they are the cutest favors that I have ever seen. Might just have to try them for a Shower in early June.

Laura :


I'm impressed!


Palma, I just saw flip flop cookies made of iced rice crispy treats at the Super Target here in Norman, Oklahoma today. I was tempted to buy some for the grandkids except that they were tiny and cost $1.99 each... plus I was afraid they'd get crush on the flight home... So I passed on that purchase.

You gave me an idea for a great kitchen project with the kids... Thanks . :)

Nancy L:

Palma, I can't wait to make these for my granddaughters who also love shoes. You continue to inspire me!


Gerardina :

did you buy the decorative sugar flower that is on them?


The party favors are just adorable!

I know the shower turned out great - how could it not?

You are definitely not insane. I did have to read the part about writing on them twice though to make sure they could still be eaten. I agree, these are cutest favors I have also ever seen.


yes, I bought the sugar flowers from King Arthur Flour.

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