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Another Food Meme

The is a food meme from www.slimcoincidence.com

Favorite food to crunch: Green apples, Maui chips

Favorite comfort food: Homemade Mac and Cheese (We call it Cheese & Mac for obvious reasons.)

Favorite picnic lunch: Bread, prosciutto, gorgonzola dolce, fruit and vino!

Favorite food scene in movie: Harry and Sally in the diner.

Favorite food lyrics: "That's Amore" and “Sugar Sugar" come to mind.

Best food smell memory: Mom's huge coffeecakes baking, especially holiday ones. Platters of grilled lamb on Easter, Christmas Prime Rib.

Favorite summer snack: Fresh juicy peaches or watermelon.

Food that reminds me of the ocean: Fresh crab with bread and melted butter.

Favorite winter snack: World's Best Cookies, or assorted cheeses and wine.

Most likely to eat for lunch: Usually yogurt. A sandwich on Saturday. Chicken or tuna salad. Soup.

Least likely to eat for lunch: Fast food.

Makes me gag: Beans!

Food tradition I love: Holiday baking, Pizza Rustica, pork ragu

Food tradition I loathe: Thanksgiving Turkey

Favorite wild foods: Mushrooms

Favorite medicinal food: Pomegranates

Food that reflects my heritage: Pasta in all shapes and sizes with various ingredients and sauces.

Food most like me: lasagna? Soft, creamy, with many layers.

Favorite raw food smell: Just about any citrus fruit: lemons, limes, oranges

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I think I may have to steal this; good answers.


Great list, Palma. I love the smell of lemons and limes -- and baking coffee cake.

Great list! I am guessing the Sunday Bean Salad is all for Brad? I am not a huge bean fan either but have learned to tolerate black beans.


I like this,Palma. I may have to borrow it too. Have to think of some food lyrics.


Me too, me too!

Borrow this meme, I mean!

Thanks, Palma!

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