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Photo Hunt: Plastic

There are many many examples of plastic in my pantry and kitchen. These are items used every day.



Here in the desert, the word "plastic" has a more frequent meaning. Most people would think of SURGERY rather than GLADWARE! Cosmetic surgery doctors and clinics are on every corner.

Because of an ordinance, there are no drive-through fast food chains. I guess those drive-through lanes are unsightly, so you must go inside to get a burger, fries or taco in Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage (except those by the freeway). This always amuses me, and since I do not partake of fast food, I don't care, but I do feel for those moms with multiple car seats and sleeping babies, who need to schlep everyone inside the Mc Donalds. My point is, are all the plastic surgeons not also creating much "ugliness", yet they are allowed EVERYWHERE! Some of their results are a little frightening! I don't even try to guess ages here. I am usually off by at least 20 years.


Finally, my favorite "plastics" are these:


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I never heard of a plastic container for baking soda. That lady is scary looking! Is she someone famous? I thought she was much prettier in her before picture. The plastic cars are fun :)

That is some terrible plastic surgery. I agree with the cards - those are some of the nicest plastic to have around - especially when you travel.

Robert Barrett:

She is Jocelyn Wildenstein (The Bride of Wildenstein), ex-wife of a fairly famous art dealer in NY. I think I read that she wanted to become a cat.
Yrs, Robert


You think she is scary in that picture, well that was the first collection of operations, please don't look at her now. She had more operations done.


i feel sorry 4 her! shs gt loads of scars now....u would have thort tht sh shud get som surgery 2 make her look beta...not scary!!!

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