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Photo Hunt: Lock


"Slide to unlock" this arrow to open my iPhone.

"There's an app for that!" I've had the iPhone for a month, and so far I have a few handy applications. The phone COMES WITH an app for: texting, a camera, photos, You tube, stocks a calendar, maps, weather (I have Palm Desert, Vegas, Rome, and Bevagna temps.) a clock (Italy time at so I don't have to add 9...) a calculator, notepad, itunes, the app store, along with your phone, contact list, email, browser (Safari), and iTunes.

The apps I have added include: (You may see a food and travel trend...)

Slow Talk

Days Until...
I love Travel (Packing lists)
ispeak Italian (phrasebook/translator)
Rome (a guidebook)
Expenses (keeps track of trip expenses by category)

Zagat 09
Kitchen calculator
My Recipes
Open Table (Restaurant reservations)
Coffee finder (find a Starbucks)
Urban Spoon (restaurant finder)
iParty (Party planning)

Jacks or Better (video poker)
mSecure (remembers all your passwords/pin codes/account numbers)
World Radio (I love the Italian music stations)
Amazon kindle

Comments (6)

hahaha... find a Starbucks! That is so you. :) Good take on this week's theme. I was thinking about electronic lock but couldn't think of how to shoot one - you did a great job!

Barb Cabot:

Technology today blows me away. What next?

Lots of apps there! Great idea for this week's theme.

cigale utley:

This is way to funny. I also just got my Iphone on 9th of June and have several new apps and a pink cover. I am also learning how to use Skye to talk to our friends who live in Italy for the next two years.

Very cool!!! I have an iPod Touch. Miss being able to be online all the time but love when I can get wifi coverage.

At first I thought Slow Travel had a special app and searched for it in the iTunes Store! I am guessing you mean the webpage??

Which world radio app do you have? The euro radio or the radio? I love listening to Italian radio stations also.

Air sharing is cool to transfer files from your computer. Roz wrote about it on Slow Travel. MyLite is a cool flashlight. Comes in handy in a black out!


What a beautiful phone! And great apps too - I especially liked the Starbucks one. Like Marta said, so very you!

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