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Blogging Guilt

I didn't blog yesterday. Why do I feel incredibly guilty? I was crazy busy, working on a project from 6:30 am until 7 pm, when Brad and I went out for a quick dinner. I managed to blog daily from Italy (except for our last 4 days in Rome, which I will go back and back blog as soon as I get a minute...). I have blogged every day since February 2008. I know no one cares, but now it is simply a daily task, like brushing my teeth. Most of the time, I really enjoy it.

My computer is wonky. I got a whole new keyboard put in my Mac laptop in March. The space bar and delete keys used to stick. Try typing without a space bar or delete key. Now, sometimes my return key doesn't work for days at a time. Apple says, "When this happens, go to another application and come back". Great. So every time I load a photo, or start a new paragraph, I get to go out of the blog program and keep a WORD document open to cut and paste a little paragraph sign. Still I blog.

There, I just did it again twice. : ) It eventually goes back to normal. When the space bar was stuck, I did the same thing, by copying and pasting a SPACE between every word. Guess how annoying that was? Still I blogged. I need Santa to buy me a new Powerbook!

I just finished reading Julie and Julia (and loved it). Julie calls her blog readers, "BLEADERS". What a great word. So, thanks to all my bleaders for reading and commenting.

I will keep working on my "project" now. It is a movie (Like the DVD I made for the Savannah Gathering) of our recent Palmabella's Italy trip to Umbria. I am almost done! Then I will get back to more blogging! I will date this entry as yesterday, then do another blog post today. I can't deal with the guilt of missing a day!

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Barb Cabot:

I so "GET YOU"...I feel like I could have written that last line. You really make me smile dear Palma. Sign me,
Bleader fan, big time.

hehehehe, I hear ya honey! I'm as guilty as they get! I miss it when I can't blog daily. Isn't this OCD? :)


You are as dedicated to all of us nameless, faceless, Bleaders as we are to you! That's why we can't stay away!

I frankly can't handle the calories involved in continual food blogging! I plan to start blogging calorie free pleasure of summer. Unless someone bribes me with caramel cake...

Palma-I look forward daily to whatever you're cooking and whatever you have to say. Kudos for keeping it up in spite of computer hassles! I also give you credit for taking all the photos of your food-I can do the cooking, but don't seem to get to taking the pictures before we eat everything!


You are so funny! Serious, I know, but funny all the same.

I too felt guilty when I didn't blog every day, but I couldn't always think of something to write about. I now allow myself a couple of days a week of not blogging, and I don't feel so stressed about coming up with subject matter.

Oh, but we do care! You have a large following and following you in Italy was wonderful! I also love reading about how you recreate Italy at home.

I read Julie and Julia last year and loved it!! So funny and entertaining.

I am a much better bleader than I am a blogger.
The movie is so fun~ you'll LOVE it!

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