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Ceramics Arrived

My two new ceramic purchases arrived from Orvieto yesterday. Getting large boxes from Italy is always a thrill, even when I know the contents. Last year I purchased the large ceramic deep "baking dish" on the right. The platter on the left is one of my two new pieces.


I also bought this new soup tureen.


I love sunflowers, lemons and poppies, and they all remind me of some of my favorite parts of Italy. I also love the twisty handles of this platter.


I really like how the artist depicted this sunflower's profile.


Brad was pleasantly surprised when he got home from work, and saw the newly decorated entry hall. And he thought I had no more room...hehehe.

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Barb Cabot:

Absolutely breath-takingly STUNNING! Love the pattern you picked. You are right. It is Italy everytime you look at it. They are perfect with your colors. Lovely choices Palma!


I really love that pattern and the soup tureen is especially lovely.


What beautiful pieces to add to your collection. We will be in Orvieto next May. What's the name of the shop?


That is my favorite pattern.
You can look at them and smile!


Carole, I bought them at "Oggetti d' Art Fravolini". It is the second shop in from the corner (just by the cafe) on Piazza del Duomo, across from the side of the Duomo.

Beautiful!!!! I love the soup tureen.

Beautiful!!! I love the pattern...Sunflowers are my favorite!


Palma, those are all gorgeous! The black is very striking. Like you, I love the sunflower motif (and lemons and poppies)

The soup tureen is fantastic, and the handles are so cunning.

It IS such a thrill getting a big package from Italy!


Palma do you know if this soup tureen is still available as I would love to order this. Could you tell me the name on the bottom or anything so I can hunt for this is so beautiful. Thank you


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