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Home Again, but Hearts and Minds are in Italy

We're back.

Yesterday, I unpacked 3 of 4 bags, and did 10 loads of laundry (6 from sheets, towels and beach towels of our three sets of house/dog sitters). Ego was very happy to see us, and especially liked it when he saw luggage go out of sight.

All of our foodie treasures made it home intact (olive oil, wine, honey, 00 flour, cherry balsamic glaze, and vino cotto).


Other than being happy to see the dog, our hearts are completely still in Italy. Brad worked all day Thursday, and I saw just one client. He hated driving on a California freeway. The temperature is hovering between 109-113 degrees F. My whole house needs to be mopped. We had pasta last night for dinner. My ankles are swollen. We are not good at re-entry.

My goal this weekend is to go back and finish blogging our last day in Umbria, and our four wonderful days in Rome. Be patient with me. Jet lag on the return is NOT my strong suit. And the coffee here sucks!

While we are home, our brains, hearts and souls are still in a piazza in Rome. I am counting the months until I return (10). I am thinking and dreaming in Italian. I miss the sunflowers in Umbria. I miss good coffee. I miss the food. I miss...EVERYTHING.

Brad just said, with tears in his eyes, "Maybe Italy is home, and this place where we try to "live Italian", is just the place where we are until we can go back HOME." That pretty much covers it for me too.

Our "happy place":


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"Maybe Italy is home, and this place where we try to "live Italian", is just the place where we are until we can go back HOME."

Amen. And now I have a big lump in my throat. I think I'll go smell my basil plant and try to make it better:)


Welcome home - I missed you!

Good luck with re-entry. We arrived home almost two weeks ago and I am still struggling, it is so hard to let go of Italy.



I sympathize and know well how you are feeling about Italy. I'm in a funk and counting the days back also.


Palma, that's exactly how I feel! I've been back for 3 weeks and still deep in my post-trip funk. And I'm still having trouble drinking my own coffee.

But your Happy Place photo is very beautiful.

And at least we have our dreams of Home!

Sounds like you had such a wonderful trip. Welcome home, and I look forward to reading more about your trip.


Isn't re-entry into "real life" after Italy just so depressing? I totally get how you feel. Writing about your experiences and editing photos helps a bit but until my next flight to Italy is booked, it's hard to let go of that feeling of missing "home."
Great photo of you and Brad!
I will look forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

Palma, what a great picture of you and Brad, and the happiness shines through.

I say my home is in Italy and I'm in the States on vacation!


I feel your pain! I think Brad said it perfectly.

Well, welcome back anyway.(sigh)

Terry (teaberry):

Palma & Brad, welcome back. Keep it alive with your blog and your dreams of your next visit. I've been enjoying all of your entries.

Welcome home-I feel your pain!


Welcome home! I know you would rather still be in Italy, and I don't blame you. Guess you will have to start a countdown to the next trip to ward off the Italy blues.

Barb Cabot:

Palma Welcome Home and thank you for the entries you made while you were on the road. As ever, a true joy to experience Italy through your eyes. Reentry it a terribly difficult thing. How can you not feel sad when so much of your heart is left somewhere else?

I hear ya dear! I've been home a month and still have withdrawals. I'm counting down the weeks and months to return. I dream of Italy every night!


I know that feeling so well!
Does it help to have all this company?


Yes, Jan, and everyone...
It DOES help to have friends who GET IT.

Oh Palma, Brad's quote made me tear up! I know you are both so at home in Italy. Maybe sometime in the future you can move there? You can be an English-language therapist for other expats!

A belated welcome home! I can relate.

I had a difficult entry back also. I have not been able to bring myself to drink coffee since I have returned. I have been drinking tea instead - not the same.

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Italy. Sounds like your Umbria Trip was a big success.

I have been a very bad blogger since returning. So much still to blog about from my trip. I figure it will keep me busy for at least a year!

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