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We ate the LAST of the fresh figs my friend brought me from Fresno!

The idea and recipe for "figasms" came from Diana Strinati Baur of Creative Structures.

In 2006, during our first visit to Baur B&B, Diana had recognized my obsession with fresh figs off her tree. She left a bowl of figs in my room, she made tarts, appetizers, and found ways to add figs to our wonderful morning breakfasts.



One morning Diana brought out a plate of the most wonderful figs stuffed with cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, and sauteed in butter and honey until caramelized. I thought I had died and gone to fig heaven. I described this treat as a "figasm" for obvious reasons.


We returned to Piemonte last September, and guess what I got for breakfast?


Saturday morning, I made Connie some figasms for breakfast.


I had 9 black mission figs left from the flat she brought me. The last figs deserved something special!



Unless you have had this scent permeating your kitchen, it is hard to describe. Melted butter, honey, a slight whif of gorgonzola and a hint of prosciutto around a sweet ripe fig. It caramelizes into the most beautiful sauce/pan drippings. I was a total pig.


It was worth every calorie! I will not have another figasm until next summer.

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LOL - I do love a cook who enjoyes the food they're creating!

How cool of your friend to bring figs - I am glad you were able to recreate the figasms! That last picture is just awesome...

Unfortunately, no premature figasms can be made because the figs are not ripe yet, however we will be having multiple figasms come the first week in September. :)


I can tell you are in heaven in that last photo!

I am looking forward to figasms at Diana's, but I know I can't eat too many of them, they sound pretty rich.


These sound fantastic!

Nancy sometimes one big figasm is better than a lot of little, insignificant ones, know what I mean?

I am going to stop now. I promise.


Diana, You are having way too much fun with this. Don't have to stop now!

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