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Julie and Julia


My book club read Julie and Julia last month. In general, we all enjoyed the book. The "f-word" was used liberally in Julie's blog. That didn't bother me when reading, except to think, "I wouldn't write that way". The rest of the group wanted to know how it was for a "food blogger" to read it. If truth be known, I was a little jealous. It seemed that Julie developed quite a following in a year, as measured by number of comments. She didn't even post photos of the recipes. I thought about how much time I spend blogging, when it is "just a recipe". I enjoyed the sections about Julia's life in Paris, and of course I zeroed in on both of the women's relationships with their husbands. The biggest turn-off in the book was Julie's housekeeping. The descriptions of cat hair, maggots, and stacks of greasy pots and pans really grossed me out. YUCK! I also thought her husband was a SAINT! She really did whine a lot!

I remember watching Julia Child on television as a child. She had quite a big presence and a distinct voice and laugh. I vaguely remember she looked like she enjoyed cooking and eating.


I first saw the movie with Brad last weekend. We both laughed, and I cried when Julie completed her project and went to see the Julia display at the museum, leaving butter. I LOVED Stanley Tucci as Paul, and enjoyed their romance and the sweet scenes between them. I loved Julia's sister's wedding scene, Julia showing up the male chefs, and really forgot I was watching the incredible Meryl Streep. She WAS Julia! I really liked The movie's Julie character, and had so much more empathy for her than I had in the book.

I watched the movie again last night with my book club. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around, and noticed a few things that I had missed the first time. Is there anything Meryl can't do? She looked pretty good with those onions and the omelette.

What a fabulous passion for food!

After the movie, Brad told me I was the "olive oil on his bruschetta", and the "breath of his life". This Francophobe is now going to read, My Life in France.

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My life in France was actually a much better read than Julie and Julia. I love both books! Now I need to see the movie!

I haven't read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie too. Meryl Streep is awesome!And she was Julia!

Barb Cabot:

Saw the movie too and loved it. Brads toast to you, "Olive Oil on Bruschetta"...made me laugh out loud! He's a keeper!

Colleen Costello:

Palma, You will love My Life in France. I have always been a huge Julia fan and was so sorry when I finished this book. Julia really was a facinating person.

On the other hand, I did not like Julie and Julia the book. I found Julie annoying and whiny. I also hated her housekeeping or lack of but I guess we have to credit her for being able to write something so gross about.

You mentioned about her liberal use of the F word. I got tired of all the sexual references she uses. Give me a break! I thought we were talking about cooking.

So, I really don't care for Julie.I don't respect her style. I don't think she is a person I would ever be friends with. Am I jealous of her? You bet! I thought her idea was brilliant I only wish I thought of it.



My husband and I loved the movie, too. Have just received a copy of MY Life In France in the mail and am planning on spending the evening with it and a dish of Beouf Bourgonion (sp?). Do you have to be able to spell in order to be a good cook?


I loved this movie, too. I adore Stanley Tucci, and he was especially delightful here! (And so is Brad, his bruschetta compliment is perfect!) I think I'm actually going to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD.

I'm struggling with the book Julie and Julia -- I'm not really enjoying Julie -- so I might abandon it for My Life in France!


I can hardly wait to see the movie. Meryl Streep looks adorable in the previews.

Are there maggots in the movie??


Another vote for reading My Life in France. I think I may have it at home, if you're interested, I can send it to you.

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