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I was thinking about my patience, and at times lack of it.

I have absolutely NO patience with:

Tangled Christmas lights

Electronics that don't work

Knots that won't come undone

Packages that wont open


I have TONS of patience with:

Baking/cooking/decorating/craft projects

Friends (and people in general)

Clients trying to change



Waiting to go on vacation

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Barb Cabot:

Thanks for this. Funny the different things that try our patience. I'm trying to practice the art of having more.


Great photo -- I love it!

I have no patience waiting to go on vacation.

I don't have patience with much of that at all! Happily Paul has tons of patience for the things that drive me nuts.


Lately, I have absolutely no patience. I think of it as a side effect.

I'm finding that I need to work harder these days to be patient. Maybe I need this poster?


nice thought about patience . :)
sometimes also i got no patience at electronic stuff that didn't worked out

umm btw, may i know what type of dog it is ..?
anybody know,,? :(

i'm a dog lover, :D

i've just imagine that i'll wait in patience for quite sometime to have a dog like tat,, :)

i'll wait for d response



Thanks for commenting. I think that dog is a golden Lab.

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