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I go through this by the case.


10-20 per day for 5-10 mugs of coffee. I take 300 with me for an Italy trip. I hate Equal, and will use Splenda if I HAVE to, but it tastes just like sugar, which I also hate in my coffee. I have been using Sweet and Low for 39 years. If I was a lab rat, I'd be dead.

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The day-glo orange filter effect gives it that oh-so-yummy chemical feel. Nice photo, in a weird way :).

Wow! I was amazed by the 10-20 packets per day of the Sweet & Low, but 5-10 cups of coffee per day? No wonder you need to get those big lattes in Italy. I'm afraid I might be bouncing off the walls(or at least looking for a toilet every 5 minutes!)

I used to think it was the 12 carafes of coffee a day that kept you going . . . now I wonder if it is just the sweet-n-low?

All this time, I have thought it was your sunny disposition that makes you so sweet... now we know different.

Too, too funny!!

Very clever! I would have never thought of this one.

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