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Photo Hunt: Entertainment


This was the entertainment at our dinner party last night. An imovie I made on my laptop from our recent trip to Umbria. Actually that is only half the story. That is just an empty jewel case. There is no DVD in it yet. I DID make a movie on my laptop. Here is the sad story...

Some of you may remember when my space bar and delete key were stuck. I had to copy and paste a space between each word from another document. I brought the computer to a Mac store (We don't have a real Apple store in the desert.) They took everything off my hard drive, did tests, put it all back. I payed for a new keyboard.

It is just a few months later, and now the return key (enter) is stuck. So is the hyphen, and the plus and equals key. To skip a line I have to copy and paste a paragraph sign from WORD. Pain in the butt! Anyway, when I began the movie, my iphoto was GONE. It looked like it was in the applications folder, it was still on the dock, but didn't OPEN. Same with iDVD. Whatever they did at that place, messed everything up!

I sort of tricked imovie into thinking each photo was a "clip" (video segment). That worked. I could add sound, and effects. I finished the movie. Then you have to "render the movie" to make it a dvd. I can't!

Long story - short...I got a new laptop!


It is VERY cool, and will work with our video camera. We are currently transfering files over. When we transfered the movie...it lost some parts. The new themes are very nice, but the old themes won't be there. It has new titles and special effects, but the old ones don't transfer, so my movie is back on the editing room floor. I don't think it will take me long to put in a few new bells and whistles, and my NEXT movies will be so much easier.

The rest of the weekend, learning all the cool new features of the new laptop will be my ENTERTAINMENT. And no keys are stuck!

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I'm glad to hear you bought a new laptop, because there's no way I would have the patience to do all of that cut and paste and things you had to do to make it work.

Now that is entertainment~

Congrats on the new Mac. It sounds like it was definitely time. And they are great entertainment both for creating and being on-line. :)

Yay!Congrats on the new laptop, and I bet that iVideo will be be very entertaining.


MacBook Pro, right? I'm in the market for one right now. My trusty G4 is unfortunately not current enough to run Adobe CS4. I hope you really like it! Let us know!


So far so good! I just transfered all my files and photos! The screen is amazing. Time to upgrade!


Oh, I am so glad you got your new laptop!

That must have been so frustrating trying to get the old one to work properly.

I bet you are a happy camper!

Congrats on your new Mac. Dealing with stuck keys would drive me crazy.

I was able to transfer all of my old themes when I got a new Mac last fall.

I did a search for you on how to transfer and then double checked on my Mac. On your new Mac, your iDVD themes are located here (or at least the old ones will be):
Home folder(YourUserName)/Library/Application Support/iDVD/installed themes

If you can find your old themes on your old Mac (search iDVD in I guess Library??) and move them to your new Mac in the installed themes folder. If you don't have an installed themes folder. Make one and put it in your iDVD folder in Application Support.

In your new Mac iDVD program, you need to drop down to ALL to find the older themes. I hope this helps.

Susan, Thanks for the great tips and advice. I am so non-techie, I don't know what you said, but as soon as Brad gets up, "Brad'll Do It"!!! Thanks

Glad you didn't lose everything! After my trip to Italy last year I got a new hard drive for my Mac and for a while it seemed like all my photos were gone! Thankfully some savvy tech person found them!

I hope it worked. If not, have Brad email me and I will try to send directions again more step by step or maybe he can tell me where he ran into the problem.

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