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Lifetime friends are such a blessing! My friend, and "sister", Connie, visited us last week. Connie and I met in August, 1970, when I was a freshman in college going through sorority rush. That was 39 years ago this month.

We have been through SO much in those 39 years. We were roommates in the sorority house until Connie graduated and got married. I was her maid of honor. I am her sons' Godmother. We've been there for each other through ups and downs, divorces, weddings, births and deaths. There has been much laughter, many tears, and occasional differences of opinions or even hurt feelings. We ALWAYS talk through it. We are just like sisters. We've lived in different cities, but usually speak on the phone once a week.

We DO have our differences. In fact, we laugh about HOW very different we are. We disagree (in a big way) on politics, religion, food, shopping, how we spend money, how we travel, even how we choose friends. So what's left, you ask?

Connie is quick, smart and funny. She is kind, generous, thoughtful and loyal. We are both talkers. She loves to be around people. She is a great storyteller. We both like to play games. We both like to eat. We have the same beliefs and philosophies of how to treat others. We can be completely honest and vulnerable with each other. We respect our differences. We laugh a LOT! We just love each other. We ARE sisters.

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What a great photo!


Gosh you guys look great!!


Connie looks a little like Helen Miren, don't you think?

connie wood:

OMG! I didnt realize we've been sisters for almost 40 years! Next years celebration may mean 2 Flats of fresh figs!!! Thanks for the intro to "'gasams" while I visited.....I had no idea! You are the perfect sister & I am blessed! Thank you for your kindness, respect and always understanding throughout ALL our talks. I love you!!!

Barb Cabot:

I think this is a really wonderful post. These are the true gifts in life...to have friends, through all of life's joys and sorrows,differences and similarities, a shared history. Tagore said, "The few are more than the many." Often I have thought of this in terms of the most valued friendships. You and Connie are so very lucky, "Yay for the Sisterhood!"


A wonderful post,Palma.There is something very special in the relationship between a woman and her best friend/sister.

You two look so cute together and your strong friendship comes through in the picture!

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