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Tagged! Something Blue

Last week, I was tagged by my friend Sandi, of Whistlestop Cafe Cooking, to find seven blue things around my house. This was a challenge! My house has tons of color, but none of them seem to be blue. Here is what I did find:

Blue water in my pool


Blue gorgonzola


A blue and yellow bowl of lemons


I love blue hydrangias, but it is too hot in my yard!


There is some blue in my casita bath


And my "counts as two" photo of Brad's blue glasses, and my favorite blue eyes!


Since this has already gone around my "bloggerhood", I am not going to tag anyone, but if you have not been tagged, and are reading this, show us your blues! I'm hoping for lots of blue Greek scenes from Jerry!

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I of course thought about Brad's blue eyes (am I allowed to say that?)

That was fun!



Your bowl looks the same as the ones I have, posted in my ST blog in Sept. 2009.
I got them in Ana Capri.

Barb Cabot:

I love your choices. Your pool is one of the most beautiful ever and I love your lemon bowl and love love gorgonzola anything. The blue glass tiles in your bathroom are like bits of the Aegean and the ceramics are so pretty. Last but not least "those blue eyes" of Brads which always have a hint of generosity and mischief! Great blues.

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