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Cooking Class at Palma's: Part 1

A few weeks ago, my neighbors Diana and Cindy, decided I should teach a "cooking class" for a small group of neighbors. So last Friday, four brave women: Diana, Cindy, Maryann and Pam showed up at my house at 1 p.m.. I had planned a menu of some of my "old standby dishes", emailed the grocery list (they all shared the cost of the food) and printed out a little "recipe book" for our dinner. We had SUCH a fun afternoon!


We had lots to do, so after a lecture about kitchen safety and cleanliness, we were off and running! I warned everyone about how sharp Brad keeps his knives, and not a drop of blood was shed. We discussed, "Pumpkin towels for HANDS, and green towels for DISHES!"


We began by making our tart crust so it could chill. Maryann is cutting the butter for the pastry.


Cindy and Pam kept us laughing!


I'm demonstrating the right consistency for the parmesan crust dough in the food processor.


Cindy and Diana are slicing the apples, while Maryann made filling, and Pam made topping. I happily "supervised" (bossed everyone around). Brad was very helpful as our bartender and dish slave.


5 women make an apple tart:


"How do I turn on this thing?"


What is polenta?


By 3:00, our apple tart was done, the parmesan crust was cooling, and the "do ahead" polenta was ready. Time for a break!


Four wines and a coffee:


Next we salted and browned the spare ribs, before letting them braise for 2 1/2 hours in ale, stock and tons of rosemary. Then we learned how to cut fennel for our salad, and we made a simple passionfruit salad dressing.




By 5:00 we were done with everything. Everyone went home to freshen up, and we transported all the food to Diana's house, as she can seat 10 in her dining room comfortably. Everyone arrived with wine and anticipation (and husbands) at 6:00!

Tomorrow...the food photos from our wonderful dinner!

Comments (5)

How fun! And Palma, your kitchen is beautiful!


I can't wait to see the food photos!

Barb Cabot:

Lucky Lucky Neighbors. I've always thought you could do anything and do it over the top well! If you ever need a group to do this again...I will travel to Palm desert, stay in a hotel and do whatever else is required to take a cooking class with YOU!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Lesser cooks have made a fortune doing this... I think this is right up your alley!
Next class... 100 euro each.

Shelagh (SJ):

What a great day!
You need to come up to BC to do it again!!
(In Sheena's kitchen, of course!!) ;)

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