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Palma's Math on Video Poker


We arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday night at 11:00 p.m., checked in at Caesar's Palace, and headed directly to the poker machines with my "budget" of $100 per day for gambling.

Wednesday: 11:30-2:30 a.m.
Put in $100. Left with $80 . Played 3 hours and earned lots of points.

Real Math: Lost $20
Palma math: Won $80 let's go shopping tomorrow!

Thursday: 10 a.m. with coffee 30 minutes
Put in $20, left with $50

Real math: Up $30 for day, $10 for weekend so far
Palma math: Whoo Hoo up $110

Thursday: 12p.m. 30 minutes

Put in $70. Left with zero

Real math: Lost $40 today
Palma math: That didn't count. It wasn't even MY money!

Thursday 2:00-3:00
Put in $20. Left with $70

Real math: Back to up $30 for day
Palma math: Haha, told you it didn't count! Now I have THEIR money back! Up $110

Thursday after dinner: Put in $150, then another $100
Left with zero


Real math: Down $220 for day
Palma Math:I just played today's $100. The rest was their money! I broke even for the day!

Friday: Black Friday Shopping! Then a nap. After dinner, I put in $100, left with $50.

Real Math: down $50
Palma Math: I won $50!

Laugh if you will, but I did score over 4, 830 "Total Reward" points during the weekend. That gives us 3 more free nights when we want to come back, so I AM A WINNER! With my accumulated points that were about to expire, I also cashed them in for a $75 gift certificate at Barnes and Noble. With the $50 I won, I bought 2 cookbooks from Caesar's famous award-winning pastry chef, Francois Payard. See how well my math works?

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The Palma Math closely resembles my personal casino-exploits math calculations... Love it.

Love it! What a smart woman you are.


Palma, you must have had a career on Wall Street at some point!


Love that Palma Math! Glad you had so much fun.

Finally - Math that even I understand!

Palma, this was my favorite blog post to read for the ENTIRE month!
In fact, I'm sending a link to my SIL -- who is in
Vegas with my brother right now...I wonder if you guys might have been sitting side by side at some point.

Barb Cabot:

Let's call this the "New, new MATH". I like it.

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