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Sunday Small Bites #12: CRANBERRIES

I chose this recipe from Ocean Spray for "Cranberry-Gorzonzola Appetizer Tart". This sounded good, and I had all the ingredients except the fresh cranberries and their recommended tart shell using a refrigerated pie crust. Well, there were two "firsts" for me! I bake LOTS of pies and tarts, and have NEVER before used a prepared pie crust. I was curious. The second new experience was to chop fresh cranberries. I have made fresh cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, etc., but always cooked the cranberries whole. This recipe said to chop them. I had never seen the INSIDE of a fresh cranberry!


Back to the pie crust. I know many use these all the time. I have to say, though quick and easy, I thought it was disgusting! Maybe the package I got was not typical, but it shredded, (yes, it was room temp), cracked, and did not brown evenly. My tart shell had holes and cracks in the bottom, and I didn't like the fragrance of it when baking. It is truly the ugliest tart I have ever made, and I wouldn't serve it to anyone but Brad and myself.

That said, I proceeded with the recipe, as the filling was ready to go in my mixer. I kept thinking, "What a waste of good gorgonzola!" I was also concerned about using fresh cranberries, when there was nothing in the recipe to sweeten them. When it was done and cooled, I was afraid to take it out of the tart pan. Remember those cracks and holes? I cut it and served it straight from the pan. No pretty serving plate, not a company dish, right? Just a taste.


How did it taste?


I cut us each a 1" square. We both spit it out. The cranberries were bitter, and overpowered even the gorgonzola! Ocean Spray may know a lot about cranberries, but we thought this was inedible! There rest went here:


This recipe might work with dried cranberries, skip the green onion, and make a real crust! I am not saving the bookmark.

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Palma, how brave of you to post your failure like this!
I've had a few the last twelve weeks and just quietly disposed of them and started over. :grin:
On the plus side....
Your photo of the halved fresh cranberries is beautiful!

Palma-I'm so sorry to hear about the results of this recipe. It's so frustrating to have something turn out so bad you can't eat it. And if you're like me, you wonder who taste-tested the recipe! I didn't even get anything made this week-woke up with a migraine today, and haven't been functioning until about 1/2 hour ago.

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