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Having a Ball!

I started the holiday baking on Monday, and I am having SUCH a good time with it this year! Since I am not shopping, wrapping, mailing, and writing cards, I have no stress, and more time for baking. Even though I worked my usual hours this week, I began baking each morning, made double or even quadruple batches of cookie doughs, and found tasks I could prep or finish during the gaps in my schedule. I'm somewhere around 62 dozen completed cookies and treats, with 4 more recipes to make, and I have 10 logs of refrigerator cookie dough in the freezer ready to slice and bake.

Here is a favorite No Bake recipe.

Oreo Cream Cheese Balls(makes 8 dozen)

Three 8 oz. packages cream cheese, softened
about 15-18 Oreo cookies (I use Double Stuff), crushed
3/4 c. powdered sugar

Crush Oreos in food processor, but leave small chunks. Beat cream cheese and powdered sugar. Stir in crushed Oreos. Mix well. Chill mixture until firm. Scoop teaspoons of "dough" and roll balls by hand, placing them on a lined cookie sheet.
I rolled about 2 dozen at a time. Place mixture back in fridge when it becomes too soft to roll. Refrigerate balls until ready to dip. I used white candy melts for dipping. You could also use melted chocolate chips. Chill dipped candies to harden coating. Decorating is optional, but my FAVORITE PART! I melted both red and green candy melts, poured melted chocolate into a ziplock sandwich bag with a corner snipped, and in 10 minutes (per color), I had these:




On another note, one of my readers asked for a close-up of the tile scene behind my stove. Here you go, Jo. No more need to squint! It is a scene of Positano, we shipped from Italy, before our house was built. I spend lots of time at the stove, and enjoy my "view".


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You and Jerry amaze me! I haven't even decided what to make for gifts this year. I'm out of town all next week, and so I think this year might be a day of making cinnamon rolls or some type of bread. If I'm really industrius, I'll make homemade marshmallows and maybe a hot chocolate mix to go along. Have fun with the baking!


Palma, your view is heavenly! And the Oreo-based balls look like a taste of heaven as well!


My husband has two prized lemon trees and loves the view from your stove as much as I love all your ceramics. Thanks so much!


These Oreo Cream Cheese Balls look like one candy-making-activity that I can handle. Can the "balls" be frozen for future use, Palma?

Thank you for sharing this how to...

Eden, unfortunately, you can't freeze cream cheese, but they keep for at least a month in the fridge. Use the search on my blog. There is also a peanutbutter version with nutter butter cookies I made a couple years ago.

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