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The Gingerbread Project

I have never made a "structure" of gingerbread. I've made gingerbread cookies, muffins, and cheesecake, and when teaching, of course my class made the graham cracker houses, but I wanted to try something small, and not too involved. I decided before tackling a house or building, to build a cookie box.

First I made some snowflake cookies, frosted them with royal icing, and did some easy piping.


Then I made a paper pattern of the four "walls" of my box, and taped it together for a 3-D model (so I could measure the base/bottom of the box).


I prepared a batch of "construction gingerbread" (sturdier than regular cookie dough), and used my paper patterns to cut out 4 walls and a base. I used a scalloped cookie cutter to cut a "window" in each side. Then I "glued" a piece of rolled fondant on the back of each wall to cover the window.



I iced a little trim on the four sides, and let them dry completely (while we were away last weekend).


Finally I put my box together. I read a gingerbread tip, that if you are not planning to eat the building, you can use a hot glue gun to build a structure. I was anxious to finish, and decided that was a good idea. It worked! Then I iced "dots" on the edges so no glue is visible.


Now my snowflakes are in a cookie box!. Next year...maybe a BIG HOUSE, (but I will start in August!). You know me: "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing!"


Comments (10)

Palma, this is beautiful!

Barb Cabot:

It's such a beautiful gingerbread piece and the cookies are really really elegant. I love it all! You are genius!

Wow-love this!


WOW!! Gosh...I want some!!!


Wow. Just. Wow.


Love that you put so much detail in your projects. Very special!

Nancy L:

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with all of us.


Palma, your snowflake cookies are absolutely beautiful.


Lovely, Palma. You are so creative!

I love this idea! Of course ants would have a picnic if I tried this. Are the snowflake cookies made of gingerbread also?

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