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January Books: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

I read several books this month:


In addition to these, my book club just finished The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory.


It is a historical fictional story of "The Cousins' War", and the first in a trilogy about the Plantagenets. I had certainly forgotten my history of England, and this book tells the story of "The War of the Roses", long forgotton by me since my high school days.
The book begins when young, widowed Elizabeth meets King Edward, and manages to marry him. The rest of the story is a series of births, deaths, and many battles. There is a mystical/magical element woven through the story, that I really enjoyed. It seemed that Elizabeth and her mother had some "gifts" that others called witchcraft. At times I had trouble keeping straight all of the Edwards, Richards, Georges, Elizabeths, Annes and Kathryns. Elizabeth struggles with keeping the power of the throne, and keeping her many children safe. It took me a while to get into the story, but, I did ultimately enjoy this well-written account of this period of English history, and would recommend it.

I hosted our book club this month, so I set our table for royalty. Here are Barbara and Nancy,


and Linda and Madonna at dinner.


Tomorrow...dessert fit for a QUEEN!

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Barb Cabot:

There is such a magic form of transportation in reading. Thank you for a nice review of the book. Your table is lovely...truly fit for Royalty.

I've read just about all the Philippa Gregory books, but not that one!


I've been looking at The White Queen....maybe it's time to pick it up!

Yorkist Yasemin:

Nicely done review. The White queen was my favourite book even though it took my 4 weeks to finish because it was in Romanian and 400 pages were a lot to me even thought I have to admit that I never wanted to finish it! It was the best book ever! I felt a connection because I believe in Melusina too since I was 6, and I am obsessed with english history and know loads about each king in the whole succession and I approve this book as historically accurate as a expert on this. I use wikipedia to study king's and queens because it's quick and easy and I got bored of the Tudors and wanted to start studying the plantagenets so when I saw this book in Romanian at the library I was so thrilled! Nevertheless this book was better than I excepted the wars the politics the romance and everything! I hope they turn the trilogy in a 200ology :) because even so I'll read them all!!! Plus you can't help falling for Edward !

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