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Photo Hunt:JIGGLY

The first things that came to mind were: jello (no, I'm not making some), my upper arms (too gross for a photo), earthquakes (too sad and devastating, given the recent tragedy in Haiti), so I'm stretching the topic to say that I'm trying not to jiggle the bed because Brad had surgery Thursday, and I don't want to disturb his sleep or jiggle the pillows or bedding around his incisions!

He had two large lipomas removed from his back and neck, and is doing well!


He's a good patient, so I made him some chocolate chip cookies.


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Brad looks great. pretty big dressing and it looks dry! OMG the cookies ...mine sure didn;t look like that!! LOL

I hope he is recovering well.Mmm...I can smell the chocolate chip cookies:)


Get well fast, Brad.

Are those delicious cookies part of the Rx to recover fast?


Ouch, poor Brad -- I hope he is feeling okay (although, judging by his smile over those cookies, he's not doing too badly!)

I love good patients. And those cookies look yummy!!

Get well Brad! Those cookies look yummy.


Poor Brad! Hope he has an easy recovery.

We hope Brad is alright-I'm sure you're a great nurse-with a plate full of chocolate cookies, what more could he need!

Micha had a bunch of those removed years ago and he did NOT get cookies.

Ok, he got wine. :)

Hope all is well with you lovelies.


All the best to Brad - glad that recovery is going well.Those cookies look amazing!


Poor Brad! He deserves those cookies!

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