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Photo Hunt: FORIEGN

You are expecting a photo of Italy...

Not today! But here are some of my FORIEGN friends:



I usually completely forget that Jerry, Paul and Sheena are Canadian (actually, Sheena was born in England).

Then I get our phone bills....
Brad got us a plan that is free to Canada.

Then Jerry texts me, and it is 25 cents a shot. We can text for 20 minutes, and it is $10! I tell him to stop, and say "I can call you for free!"

They all say "WHILST"!

They have a few other Canadian styles of speaking (and spelling) that remind me again, that our lovely neighbors to the north live in a foriegn country.

It is certainly FORIEGN to me that they live somewhere it snows! But that is also true for many of my American friends!

So cheers to my friends from Canada! You did an OUTSTANDING job with the Olympics! I was even happy about the hockey game!

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Fun post. Living closer to Canada - it is even harder to remember that it is a foreign country.


Nothing like having a photograph of yourself pop up WHILST enjoying your morning coffee/blog reading!

Our 'foreign' friends to the south have all been very gracious about the hockey game. For us it was an absolutely fabulous finale - you could not have planned more exciting game.

Barb Cabot:

I love this post. It made me laugh. I kept think Jerry foreign? Now I get it! I love when people say "Whilst". I think I'll start to say that too. Whilst I have my cup of tea!

That is a lot of texting! I can't imagine the bills that work must look at. LOL

I don't often think of the US as foreign . . there are some big differences though!


Fun post, Palma! And glad there are no hard feelings about we Canadians winning the hockey game.


Cute, Palma!
We in Canada , esp. here in Vancouver; are sad that all of the "foreign" friends have gone home now!
It was so much fun whilst everyone from around the world was here for the Olympics,eh.

Good one!

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