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TWO MORE DAYS! Party Prep...


I have two days to finish the last of the "do ahead" things I can make for the Great Slow Travel San Diego Gathering! I actually am rather "stuck" for what to write about today, as aside from work, EVERYTHING I've been doing the last couple weeks is in preparation for this weekend. There has been lots of shopping, cooking, baking, centerpieces, other surprises... I am SO excited, and I can't show you ANY of it yet!

Today, between clients, I am making a "do-ahead" appetizer, and chopping, grating, defrosting everything for tomorrow, when I can make 4 more.

I have already made 5 recipes, and my freezer is full! Well, there are more than just a handful of us. With 70 or so people, I have made/baked 18 DOZEN of things.

Thursday morning, after we load the car with....OMG, LOTS of things, we are off to Jane's house in San Diego. Right now, everything is bubble-wrapped and stacked on my guest room bed, except food. Everything in the garage fridge and freezer is ready to go into the giant ice chest in the back seat. We will cook from 9:30 to 4, and then be back early on Friday for all the last minute preparations.

Poor Jane has never seen me on the day of a party. I usually start about 6 AM, and my instructions are barked out to helpers with the precision of a military mission. Every hour, I cross things off and take a 5 minute break outside. I have lists for my lists, stickie notes on 20 platters, and I can multi task with the best of them. I obsess over details. I love to garnish. I have a vision of that final table when guests begin to arrive. I am very excited (and stay well-caffinated)!

Now, if I only had a catering van...

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Good luck with all of your prep work, Palma. I know you're going to have a fantastic time!!!!

Oh Palma, I can't wait until the GTG, but I just hate to think of the work you're going through for this. I truely hope you get enjoyment out of doing it. I can only imagine the amount of work involved.

Cindy, I LOVE every minute of it!

Mindy Smith:

Mille grazie per tutto!!!

a presto ;-)


Barb Cabot:

I know you are pouring your heart and soul into everything you are doing for this gathering. Many Many giant thank you's Palma. You are truly one of a kind. Can't wait to see you and I'll be dying to see all that you have made.

connie wood:

Ahhh, the memories of "crossing of the To Do list" all came flooding back to me from the pre-Slo Travel years of the "Holiday Parties". Palma, do you need Joy & I there to do the toothpicks????
Know you are having a ball!

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