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I have a new piece of luggage. We started buying Briggs and Riley luggage in 2005. I can't say enough good things about our two large 28" duffle bags with a lifetime guarantee. If any part, zipper, wheel, handle or strap ever has a problem, it is replaced free with no questions. Our first pieces have survived 6 trips to Italy and many domestic flights.

Since that first purchase, we have added a garment bag, two 22" roller bags, and the newest piece...the "double expandable tote". It matches all of our other B&R pieces, and measures 11x16.5x8 inches. It has three compartments: one for my laptop, one expandable center section holding a change of clothes, shoes and a nightgown in case my luggage doesn't make it, and another section for all my electronics/chargers, etc.. The center expands an extra 45% to even hold my pillow that goes everywhere with me! It also has a zipper pocket allowing it to fit on the handle of any of my roller bags!

I love my new bag, and I LOVE that it is packed and ready to go to Italy! Add my laptop, and I'm done! The smaller bag attaches to the larger bag with a wonderful special strap. That means I can wheel everything (all three pieces) with one hand, and have only my purse in the other!


I have everything I need (46 lbs) in my large wheeled duffle. The 22" roller is basically empty, although I did redistribute some of the weight into it. That means I can bring up to 50 pounds of food back with me! Whoo Hoo! Salute to Briggs & Riley!

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Yeah! Space to bring back 50 lb of food-sounds like my idea of travelling. Have a wonderful trip! I'm quite envious right now.


Palma, that looks great! I've been fretting over my old carry-on, even toying with the idea of one with wheels (in the hopes it might be easier to manage.) But your arrangement looks perfect!

It looks like you are all set!

I think you are like Mark and me, we bring back many, many food and cooking related souvenirs. I am bringing an empty suitcase with me on the next trip and filling it up!

Barb Cabot:

Love it...Packed and ready to go.

When does this bag board? Are you going to call me when you get here?

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