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Friday, May 28 in Bologna: Guess Who is in Town?

It is Friday!!! I'm sure that back when I worked full time there were weeks when I needed a weekend, but none that I can remember in the past 10 years. I am looking forward to two free days. I am really enjoying my lessons, but they are draining. This morning, I had coffee at the bar, and met with Andrea until 1:15. When he left, I could hardly find the energy to fix myself a small lunch! At three, I was set to walk around the city, but instead, I took an hour nap. It was a GOOD idea.




It was a lovely treat to meet Judy, of Divina Cucina and her husband Andrea for "happy hour". We met at Gamberini, a cafe/pasticceria. They have an amazing selection of free antipasti. It was wonderful to sit and chat with friends, prosecco, and tasty bites. Judy's friend, Carmelita joined us, and was very helpful is suggesting and recommending local restaurants.

Check out SOME of the antipasti:


















Ok, you get the idea. Someone could definitely make a full meal of this for the price of just a drink or two. You can eat as much as you like, and stay as long as you like.
HOWEVER, I was in Bologna with one of my favorite chefs! I wasn't going to pass up another meal and company during dinner! I ate 5 or 6 over a couple of hours, so I was still ready to eat.

We went to Merlo' for dinner, just a couple of blocks away.

When the waiter took out order, I ordered just a plate of pasta: "mezzamanica con guanciale e formaggio". Then Judy asked about the cotoletto Bolognese. The waiter said they had "half orders" of this dish that I have been wanting to try. Oh boy!



Yes, that was the HALF order!. I ate half of it! It is a fried veal cutlet, topped with prosciutto and a sauce of granna and cream. OMG!

They brought us dolci to taste.


A short taxi ride later, I was home. I enjoyed the evening and am so looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

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I will have to put Gamberini on my must try list. What a spread!

Looks like you had a fun evening and I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend.

How fun to do a mini GTG with Judy!

The antipasti would have been enough for me - I just can't eat that much in Italy.


Well, that post just about sent me over the edge. Judy AND that incredible food? Lucky, lucky you!!!

Nancy Laneri:

Palma, we met Carmelita,Diva's friend, (of Eat in Italy) last September for a food market tour and loved her. Ask her about the tortellini workshop that she took us to. I can send you her phone number if you like.


Wow! I'm on food overload with your pictures. :)

I am really enjoying reading about your experiences and challenges. You are doing so well and really packing a lot into your days. I remember how tired I was after a day of language school. It was all I could do to cook dinner.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Looks like a wonderful GTG!


You will surely be a Bologna foodie expert by the time you leave that beautiful city!

So glad that you finally got to meet Judy-what good company she is. I also took a tour with Carmelita (a prize I won in the first ST contest), she's also a delight and is a great resource for Bologna restaurants.

Totally emphasize with you about how draining the language lessons are. My brain was completely fried after my morning lessons. So much so that that I decided I wouldn't take another language course in Italy unless I was lucky enough to stay for a month or more so that I had enough time to enjoy all the other things I go to Italy for!

I'm proud of your efforts-it sounds like you're making great progress-you go girl!

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. It's a great read with my moning coffee. Love all the pictures!

We're going to Gamberini right? I'd like one of everything! Oh my - I shall need to climb the tower numerous times daily to not gain a gazillion pounds.

Wow!! I am drooling... Sounds like a great GTG and a fabulous place to eat.


OMG, Palma, Gamberini looks outrageous(ly good), and definitely a place Rob and I will go when we are in bologna. Those tastes are included w/ your drinks. Oh yeah, we're there!

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