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Monday: Una Bella Giornata!

Memorial Day at home, but a regular Monday in Italy. I did well at my lesson this morning, and felt really good. I was not stressed, and found I am retaining a lot. Today I learned past tense, so I can really have conversations. Whoo Hoo! I didn't think I would get THIS far in the whole 3 weeks!

After my lesson, I took a long walk, and (oh what a surprise), I did some shopping!
At the market, I bought Saba (cooked wine, made from the concentrated must of Lambrusco, like vino cotto)., and some rosemary honey.

I also purchased another purse, a necklace, and three gifts. I walked all over the center of Bologna! Here are photos of my walk:

Una bella finestra:


There is much to see around Piazza Maggiore!


Il Duomo (Church of San Petronio)


Palazzo di Re Enzo


Palazzo del Comune (town hall):


The Fontana del Nettuno is a popular meeting place.





Last time I was in Bologna, I walked through this galleria at around midnight (with Brad) and went running into the Piazza because, I looked up and saw a HUGE rat. I did walk through once this trip in daylight...(PTSD!)


On the busy main street, Ugo Bassi, there was a demonstration of Paskistani people this afternoon. The second photo is where I catch the autobus to go to my teacher's house.



A beautiful shop entrance:


Finally, I stopped at a bar for a coffee, and got a chocolate flower on top. I did my written homework there, until it was time for a prosecco, and then went to dinner.


Tonight I ate at the charming Terasina.


I began with a sformato of spinaci e asparagi:


Then I had a wonderful plate of tagliatelle Bolognese:


What a perfect day in Bologna! Hope everyone at home had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Palma- I haven't been commenting on yours posts recently, but I want to say how much I am enjoying following your daily entries while you're in Bologna. Your trip is sounding so wonderful. It does sound like you are working very hard, but I'm glad you also have time to enjoy yourself. Keep up the great posts!


I have been enjoying your blogs for some time, but now I MUST comment. You are in one of my favorite places and I am so envious but also grateful to be able to follow along vicariously. I'm glad to see that they have removed the barriers from the steps of the Duomo.


Today you sound very relaxed and happy about your Italian lessons.

It is such a pleasure to read your blog each day - don't neglect us once your partners in crime arrive!

How is Brad doing?

I could eat that tagliatelle every day, yum! Is Teresina on Via Oberdan? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.

You might want to rest today so you will be ready to keep up with Jerry!


I remember the rat story!! Glad you now have a better experience to replace that bad old memory!

Your photos are wonderful and I envy your dinner at Teresina. I had dinner there last year with TourMama and it was very good.

chiaro di luna:

Palma, I just noticed that you are in Bologna now. We will be there this summer. Keep the restaurant notes/photos coming. They are very helpful.


We are all living vicariously through you! How wonderful for you to have this opportunity and to be enjoying it so thoroughly. Thank you for sharing!

I am so glad I did not remember the rat story when I was there. LOVE the photos!! Brings back wonderful memories. So glad you are having a great time.


Another great day in Bologna! I love the coffee, how cute is that! I am so excited about your great progress, this is really working so well for you. Yay!

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