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Sunday: Week 2 Already!

For those of you who have asked to see my Furla purchases, you must be patient. I bought a gift and the recipient reads my blog, so I cannot show it yet. You will see it soon. : )

Wow, sometimes it feels like I've been here a month (when I miss Brad), and other times like the week went by in the snap of fingers! (When I need more time to rest or study)

Sunday morning, I had coffee at home and did a FIRST: laundry in Italy!


Then I headed to piazza San Stefano for coffee. There are now TWO baristas who know how I like my coffee: in a BIG glass with lots of milk. Marco (the second Marco) at the cafe in the piazza, is very fun to chat with, and helps me practice speaking Italian only!



NEarby is the large supermercato that I had yet to visit. It is about a 15 minute walk (for me) from my apartment. I love Italian grocery stores! The cold cuts and cheeses are to die for. A stretch from even my Bristol Farms!


My favorite find was these tiny antipasti forks, spoons and teeny plates (plastic, but look like stainless, and the plates are black, white and silver). How cute are they? I got 50 of each!


Boy, am I a whimp. It is tough to carry two HEAVY bags of groceries home. I don't know how these little old ladies do it! Where is Brad when I need him?, Better yet, Jerry, since half the stuff is for his arrival. (He will say that it is Paul's job...)


I got in an hour of homework, then went for pranzo at "Biagi", recommended by Nancy L. GRAZIE, Nancy! It was wonderful! I have made a reservation to go back with Jerry and Sandi!


The owner, Fabio, spoke no English, and there are no menus. The restaurant is attractive, with a series of small dining rooms from the front to the back.


They begin by bringing you a plate of antipasti. The tuna, radicchio and green bean salad was delicious., I even ate some of the panzanella. (the beans stayed on my plate)


For my pasta, I ordered tortelli filled with spinach and ricotta in a butter and sage sauce. They were as light as air.


I could have quit there, but this would be my only meal of the day. After all, part of my job is to scout out these restaurants for my ST friends! I ordered the Cotoletto Bolognese, to compare it with what I had the other night. This was incredible, and a much smaller and more manageable portion! I think this is the best dish I have had so far!


I left the dining room to finish my wine in the bar, where smoking was allowed. I chatted with a family who had been sitting next to me during dinner. The husband had been to San Diego and San Francisco. The wife was very gracious, and asked me many questions. 7 year old Sofia tried to practice a few words of English she has learned at school.


After lunch a quick pisolino (nap), and then an afternoon of studying for me!

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Looks wonderful, Palma! I can't wait to have some great Italian coffee!!


It is so wonderful to read these daily details of your trip. I feel like I am there with you... though I think I would have a hard time tearing myself away from the second Marco if I was there.

Another beautiful day in Paradise!

Looks like another wonderful day and I hope you are feeling rested. Looks like you are making friends wherever you go!

Another restaurant to add to my must try list, thank you!


Time flies when you are having fun!

I'll happily lug things on Wednesday! woo hoo . . .

Nancy Laneri:

I'm so glad you enjoyed Biagi. For us, it was a totally Italian experience and gave me a chance to use everything I've learned, and we loved the food. When Jerry visits, ask for "a nice bottle of local wine". You won't be disappointed.

Nancy L

OMG... tortelli filled with spinach and ricotta in a butter and sage sauce - YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!! One of my favorites! I will definitely have to go there the next time I am in Bologna.


I can't believe I have never eaten a cotoletto bolognese... Looks so good.

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