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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I had a great night's sleep, conjugating verbs in my dreams, and pooped out at 10 last night, so by 5 a.m. I was up to study and blog. It is still a little weird to be here by myself, but I am now very happy with the neighborhood and the apartment. I am making "friends" and practicing my Italian. I went for a cappucino to my "hang out cafe" around the corner. Claudio, the barista was kind enough to give me an ashtray for my terrace.



Two of these and I can make sentences (in both languages).


Mara, the fruit and vegetable lady, greets me for a chat in the morning.

I will try to answer questions that you asked. By the way, thanks for all the comments!
I don't feel like I am here by myself. Daily phone calls to Brad are costing me a ton, so we have an ongoing PM, and speak by phone daily for 10 minutes. Ego keeps looking for me.

My lessons are daily M-F with Andrea from 9 or 9:30 for three + hours. Most days he comes to my apartment. UNLESS we are taking an excursion, which we will do twice a week. Then I take the bus to his house and we take his car from outside the city on our outing. Tomorrow we are going to Dozza, and we have trips planned to Modena for balsamico tasting and to a parmigiano producer. That schedule will change some when Jerry and Sandi and Ida arrive. I have homework every night (2-3 hrs). I have coffee in the apartment, then 2 large lattes in the cafe for breakfast. I have a big meal for pranzo, and either fruit, or a small snack or some gelato for dinner. This couch potato is walking her feet off! I need to find a time to nap. I am usually home by dark, then LOTS of homework, blog, and fall into bed.

It is still Tuesday, and I need a weekend, but I am AMAZED at how much I have learned so far!!! Andrea says we are going fast because I have so much "potential" having grown up hearing my mom and aunts speak. He says we are tapping into the unconscious part of my brain that knows how to speak Italian. Where is that part when I am memorizing irregular verbs?

Mindy, I will take photos of the door and handles. But I'm not even touching that sucker until I leave! LOL


For the foodies (guess that would be all of you...), today I had pranzo at Osteria dei Poeti. I was starving by 2:00. I ordered "Maccheronini al torchio con ragu di agnello e gratttata di formaggio di fossa" (lamb sauce with cheese), and a Cotoletta alla Milanese.



I ate it ALL, except the potatoes. Then I walked and walked. I went to the market area, the due torre, a kitchen shop, up and down side streets, and stopped to have a cappucino "with Brad" during our phone time. Love the cup!



I entertained myself for quite a while at Eataly, but was a little disappointed. Though I haven't been to the one in Torino, this was less than my expectations. I did enjoy the other wonderful food shops, though! I LOTS of fun in a kitchen/hardware shop. My first purchases all have to do with making pasta or dolci.

I walked home at around 7:30, and did more than 2 1/2 hours of homework. I'm almost done. Buona notte, amici.

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You are a busy gal, it sounds fantastic! The Osteria looks very atmospheric, did you like it? How wonderful that your instructor feels you have so much potential!

Hope you enjoy Dozza, I hope he takes you to the regional enoteca. It is an old castle surrounded by a moat. A Lambrusco tasting there forever changed my idea of Lambrusco. Sometimes a good Lambrusco is just the thing to have!


This is the best part of my day, catching up with you and your adventures.
I knew that this would be a fairly "easy" learning curve for you and can hardly wait for our next trip together. When can we start the planning for it?

Barb Cabot:

It's almost midnight here and I decided to give your blog one last check before turning in. what a nice thing to read before sleep calls. Now i hope i dream of Italy. Your photos will help me get there. These lessons you have are great and the time you put in daily to your homework is what every teacher says you must do in order to advance. I know you will come away with this trip having learned and perfected your already very skillful abilities in Italian. Such a wonderful challenge. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Now I'm off to bed. Buona notte!

Mindy Smith:

Palma, I am over-the-moon excited that you will experience the magic of DOZZA!! Charge up that camera battery because you'll be taking a gazillion photos.



Palma, couldn't you use Skype to talk to Brad - save all that phone call money for shopping!

I wish I had an unconscious part of my brain I could tap in to for Italian - no such luck!

Sounds like you are having a great time! Tiring but great!

You wouldn't be disappointed with the Eataly in Torino. I could have spent a couple of days there just looking at everything.

Love, love, love, reading your daily diary. Keep those posts coming!


Wow, Palma, it all sounds fantastic. Good for you, you must be working so hard. I'm very inspired!!!I may even try getting up at 6 a.m. myself next month in Italy, so I can do more each day.

And I, like Mindy, would love some photos on the door/window device, that would be very helpful information!


Wow! What a life! It sounds as if you are taking advantage of every moment. I love the photos and your daily entries. Thank you for sharing.

I was a little underwhelmed when I first went to Eataly in Bologna also as I imagined it to be much bigger. I discovered that their sandwiches are quite good though (simple and fresh and not too expensive).

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