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Wednesday, May 26: Dozza


Up at 5, a little studying, some coffee, my cafe, and my little morning routine. I am officially part of "the hood", as all three baristas know me by name, and how I like my latte "senza schiuma" (without foam). I always stop to speak to Mara at the fruit/veggie shop, and the jeweler next door says "Buon Giorno", hoping I'll return to buy the expensive gold charm of the statue of Neptune for my bracelet.

Today was the first time I have taken a city bus in Italy, (actually anywhere...). I walked from my apartment to Piazza Maggiore, then took the 20 minute ride to Andrea's home, arriving early.

One delightful friend I have made here, I haven't shared, as I wanted her mom's permission before doing so. This is Andrea and Daniela's adorable 5 year old grand daughter, Nicki. She saw a photo of Ego, and has asked about him since then. She spends time with her nonna and nonno each day.

It was an intense morning of study. I one point I was SO overwhelmed, I became frustrated, but Andrea gave me a pep talk, and said I have learned what would take others 3-4 weeks in 3 days. So I will give myself a break. There is a lot to learn, but no one "gets it" all the first time, and he is happy if I retain half. Each day I get better and more comfortable with words and grammar from previous lessons. I will work on giving up my perfectionism! "I do NOT need to be an overachiever!" REPEAT!

Daniela prepared another wonderful lunch, but I was too brain-dead to take photos. We had Penne all'Amatriciana, and meatballs with peas, delicious spinach, bread, salad and fruit. Still enjoying that San Giovese!

After pranzo, Andrea took me to see the charming town of Dozza (thank you, Colleen and Mindy for suggesting it!). It is the cutest town, with murals painted on the walls of the homes along the streets. Here is a photo tour of Dozza:








The next two go together!












Charming, huh? As we walked around the town, of course we spoke Italian, and Andrea takes every opportunity to learn. I read and translated signs, real estate ads for houses to rent of buy, and learned about the area. But there is another reason to come to Dozza: the Regional Wine Enoteca. The wines of this region are less known than Tuscany and Piemonte, so they are very inexpensive. We talked about the organic wine producers, passito, spumante and the castello itself is beautiful inside.
Visit Dozza if you are nearby!

I took the bus home, and had a simple meal in my apartment: tuna, melon, and some parmigiano. Very little studying tonight, and I have a short break from homework, as tomorrow, Andrea is picking me up to tour a parmigiano producer, and visit Modena for some balsamico tasting!

Ciao for now!

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Barb Cabot:

Wonderful photos. Dozza looks lovely.


What a fabulous visit you're having! And why have I never heard of Dozza before?? Thanks for another great blog entry.


I am enjoying reading of all your adventures in Bologna. I spent 2 weeks there studying Italian and eating. After 1 week you will start to "really hear" Italian in your head.

FOOD: for the best pastries, exit Tamburini from the side door on Via Drapperie, turn left, a few steps on your left is the shop. BUY THE RICCIARELLI !!!

For a quick dinner some nights we bought very good ready made in shop near Tamburini's main door on Via degli Orifici. I don't remember which side of the street.

Buon divertimento!

Sounds like you are really settling in to your routine and the neighborhood, plus making tremendous progress on your Italian!

I love Dozza and am glad you enjoyed it too. The regional enoteca is wonderful and now I occasionally drink Lambrusco because of that visit.

I think all of your new friends are really going to miss you when you come home!


Probably being your only friend who has never been to Italy (OMG, did I just confess that?).....Thank you for taking me along with you this time. I am loving my travels! Now waiting for a photo of Mara (fruit/veggie shop)& the "jeweler". i feel like I almost know them too.


Wow, Palma, you sound right at home in Bologna! And Dozza looks very cool.

It sounds as if you're doing remarkably well in your language class -- but I know how overwhelming it can be. I've done some French immersion and it can be exhausting.

Mindy Smith:

I'm back now....for a few wonderful moments there, looking at your photos, I was back in Dozza, walking along the streets and admiring the painted walls.

Thank you for taking me back to a magical place.

**heart heart**


To me, it's not really Italian lessons if there are no tears. All normal stuff.
A presto...


So glad you got to visit this lovely town. My camera worked overtime trying to capture the unique art on the town's walls.
I'm loving reading your even though I am GREEN with envy!

Dozza looks like such a fun place to visit! Love your photos!

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