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My 40th High School Reunion

Last weekend, I attended my 40th class reunion from Bullard High School in Fresno, CA. I had a BLAST!

We arrived on Thursday evening, and had dinner with my friend, Bea. I hadn't seen her since somewhere around 1973! It was a great evening, spent catching up on the last 36 years, marriages, divorces, careers, families, etc.


We stayed at a hotel where other out-of town Bullard alumnae were staying, and immediately began seeing classmates on Friday morning. There was also a hospitality suite where friends could gather.


Friday, during the day, we went to some of our old haunts for coffee, shopping and lunch before Friday evening's party.

Let me give a little background on my high school. Some might say "snobby", "cliquey", or a group of entitled brats. I wasn't in the "cheerleader-most popular" crowd, but I had many friends, good grades, and was involved in drama, forensics, and have happy memories of my three years at Bullard. But we WERE the first class that didn't want to go to Disneyland after our Grad night, due to not wanting to spend 4 hours on a bus together...

Friday night, classmate, Karen, opened her home to 110 of us (Grads only). Bea and I went together after dropping Brad off at a movie.

We were greeted by two Bullard "Knights" in the driveway (and another in the backyard).


The planning committee made a great spread of appetizers and desserts. We were all over the house, and backyard by the pool and bar. Shrieks of recognition and gales of laughter could be heard down the street. Everyone mingled, and even those who may not have given me the time of day in high school were friendly and interested. We connected with old friends, and made new ones. It was fabulous! I was so busy having fun, I only took 2 photos...of the FOOD!



Saturday, there was a golf clinic, a golf tournament, or a free day. We began Saturday's festivities at the hospitality suite. Who knew Kirby would also end up a therapist in southern California?


Saturday night we gathered held at San Joaquin Country Club for a dinner and dancing. Here is a group shot of those who went to Bullard ELEMENTARY!


It was really fabulous to see my best friends from Junior High School/high school, twins, Jeannie and Janet! They laughed when saying I became a therapist because of them! (I was just wise enough to not get caught in the middle of their sister arguments.)


Bea argued that she was my first CLIENT!


More of my friends since elementary school: Carol, Sally, and Chris!




Maureen (Mo) made tons of desserts for both nights! Another baker!


Childhood friends Kathy and Mary Liz look EXACTLY the same!


Boys, you ask? Oh sure, it was fun chatting with my first crush, and with the guy who gave me my first kiss, but I think I'll stick with this guy!


Thanks to the reunion committee for planning a wonderful weekend! I can't wait for the next one!

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What a great time you must have had at your 40th! I only hope that my 50th is as much fun!

What fun! I have always wanted to go back to one of my HS reunions but they are always held when I can't make it back. My 40th will be in 7 more years. Maybe that will be the lucky year to go.

Barb Cabot:

Looks like a wonderful time. Such a great thing to reconnect with our childhood and youthful past. Wonderful.

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