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Thursday, June 3

After coffee in MY bar, Jerry left with a bust ticket, map, directions to la Stazione Centrale, and he was off for his day-trip to Venezia. He will return to Bologna with Sandi tomorrow. (Why is it so hard for me to write in English? Maybe because my teacher has me write a short blog, or "story" each night about what I did in the afternoon and evening in Italian. It is great practice using my new past tense verbs! However I am having difficulty spelling in English!) So I had a playmate for a few hours, and was abandoned the next day!

After my lesson, I treated myself to an easy, relaxing afternoon (the lull before a VERY social week). I am sort of the "cruise director" for all the friends who are arriving soon. Jerry and Sandi will be back tomorrow, we will have lunch with Marcia and David in Zibello on Sunday, Ida and her cousin arrive Tuesday, Wednesday we will be joined by Jan and her husband and meet Tom and Judy at our ST GTG lunch, in-between our market tour and cooking class with Marcello and Rafaella of "Bluone". I have reservations made for dinner for the next week. There are also trips coming up see San Luca, and go to Ravenna on Monday. Much to do, while my lessons continue.

This afternoon I napped, did some things around the apartment, spoke with Brad, and then went for a walk around 6 p.m.. I had a glass of wine and read my book at Zanarini. I ate 3 or 4 chips with my wine, but showed great restraint with their beautiful antipasti. I only took photos...NO bites!







I bought myself some huge fresh girasoli.


I had half of a sausage pizza for dinner, and treated myself to a tub of three flavors of gelati from La Sorbetteria: Dolce MU (caramel), stracciatella, and Crema d'uovo (eggs, vanilla and lemon zest).


A little gelato with some verbs is a good way to study!

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Dang, you did show restraint! Brava!

Oh my, how could you resist the antipasti? I would probably have eaten them and no dinner!


Wow -- that sounds fantastically social! I hope everyone has a great time!


You're killing me with the food!!

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