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I Need a Favor


It is that time of the year again.

I need a small favor ... I wouldn't ask this if you were not such a good friend.

I am going away on vacation, and I need a friend to drop by to water my plants while I am gone. The plants are mostly geraniums and begonias. If it's not too much trouble, in the hot weather they'll probably only need water once a day.

I'll be gone only a week. I'll send you a post card!

Thanks so much. :-)


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Dear lord - I hope that they're fake!


OK- where did you find that photo, anyway???



Priceless! I love it :)

Oh, now can you find one with 'cats'? I'd love to send it to my friends who have taken over that duty while I was away traveling - lol...


I glanced at that quickly and thought they were sitting in a cemetery:)


It reminds me of some of the patios in Cordoba, Spain. Every spring, many of the homes open their patios to the public to show off their flowers and plants. The pots on the wall are watered by cans on sticks. It's really neat to go see.
Holly, hollyberryelf.blogspot.com; belpassoandbeyond.blogspot.com

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