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It Feels So Good!

35 pair of shoes
33 pants/capris
10 skirts
2 dresses
11 jackets
36 tops
17 purses

A Shopping spree? NO

I purged my closet! Everything that is left now fits in the space (and fits ME), and it is not crowded with things I no longer wear! Each rack is organized by color.

Next...the drawers!

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Good for you! I so need to do the same thing.

I have been investigating clothing consignment places - there are several in the desert. Just an thought.


Wow, clean and organized closets are the best! Ya wanna come to Fresno & do mine now??? Oh, and dont forget, the "Good Will Truck" will be on your doorstep, Saturday, Aug 14th!

Lou Ferrentino (Luisa):

Where did you take them, Palma. I need to do the same. Maybe we should have a clothes exchange party? I'll bring the prosecco?!?

One of the consignment stores I know requires everything ONLY for the next season (fall clothes now), and all dry cleaned on hangers from the cleaners. I couldn't afford that. Spend more than you make!

I need to check out others. I also am checking on organizations that work with women in the work force/job training for the suits.

It's all in my garage in garbage bags still.
I usually donate to women's shelter.

There is a consignment store in Beaumont that doesn't require dry cleaning. They sell mostly everyday stuff, so I was looking for a place for the vintage designer clothing that I haven't worn for years.

I like the women's shelter idea. I should see if there is one in my area.

I love the feeling I get when I clean out my closets and drawers! It is amazing what I forget I even have. It is always a good feeling to know that someone else will get use out of things.

Okay, do we get to see pictures of your re-organized closet?

Good job. I just cleaned out a couple of drawers and I'm doing some reorganization of old photos. This may spur me to do my closets. :)


This is where I meant 'how freeing, congratulations'.
I have 2 racks in the garage waiting to go to consignment store...for some time now. Otherwise I donate my clothes to either Discovery Shop or the Reach program. Well done, Palma.

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