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Ventana Tasting Room



Friday morning, we had a quick drive to Ontario, an easy flight to San Jose, and another quick drive to Monterey. We were at the Ventana Winery Tasting Room by 11:30. We sampled some very nice white wines. I was done drinking, while Brad was ready to try some red, when I turned around, and there on the lovely flower-filled deck, was a mouse! Why, oh why am I such a rodent magnet when I HATE THEM???

I was pretty well-behaved, getting Brad's attention (but not screaming). There it was near the doorway, ad I didn't want it to come IN to the tasting room! The Ventana girl said, "Oh how cute." NOT! She brought it some chocolate, and put it around the corner.

I turned around again, and the damn little guy was back. I broke out in a full body sweat, and grabbed Brad's sleeve. The girl brought it some breadsticks. (I'm thinking, "Now all his little friends and family will be arriving for the snacks...") She poured some wine. My anxiety was increasing. I finally said to Brad, (as I was sweating through my jacket at 63 degrees), "You go watch him, and make sure he says up here, while I run down the stairs!"

Safe, in the parking lot, I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and views, and the patio of Tarpy's Roadhouse Restaurant.





Then we enjoyed great spicy BBQ brisket sandwich!



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Palma, what gorgeous photos! I'm sorry your time was marred by the mouse, but it looks like you made up for it in style!

I can totally sympathize! On the way home from the airport this week J. announced that there was a mouse in our house that he hadn't caught yet! I freaked out and wanted to go to a hotel! After 3 nights, it finally met its demise. I wouldn't even go into the kitchen until it was caught-no cooking for me!

Ann M:

It's been a few months since I've taken time to enjoy your blog and it never disappoints! I so enjoyed reading about your time in Bologna and your Italian classes. Also, great to see pictures of Jen and Nigel at the Roma wine tasting.
I've been an infrequent visitor to the ST board but find myself missing all of the regulars there whenever I do take time to read the group blog.
Hope all is well with you and Brad. Please be sure to let us know when you're in town - we'd love to see you!
Ciao! Ann

Yikes! A mouse! I know how you feel about them, so I can truly sympathize.

I am glad to see that you flew up north - I had this vision of you driving all of those hours to get there.

Barb Cabot:

I feel the same way about snakes...truly relatable. Lovely gardens and mmm that sandwich looks good. Glad you held it together. I probably would've screamed bloody murder if it were me and my phobias.

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