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Eat, Pray, Love


Well, I loved the book, and I really enjoyed the movie! Julia Roberts is wonderful in her portrayal of Elizabeth Gilbert's year of travel to Italy, India and Bali to "find herself".

The scenes in Rome are delicious, and I loved her Italian friends. It was no surprise how HAPPY she became and BLESSED she felt in Italy. She even had a "relationship" with pizza. The spaghetti scene is great. I could relate to all of it! I read from the food stylist in Bon Appetit, that she was eating FAKE gelato, because it was so hot the day they were filming, that the real stuff kept melting, so she is eating some kind of whipped edible foam.

The lessons learned in India were important, even though, I had no desire to join her there, and Bali was.....beautiful and sensual!

My book club read the book a while ago, and saw the movie together. I think I'd like to see it again with Brad.

After the movie, my book club had a great Italian dinner at Linda's home. Yum!


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Barb Cabot:

Yay! Going to see it Monday, can't wait.


I loved the book too but haven't seen the movie yet. I'm amazed and utterly speechless at how many people absolutely hate Elizabeth Gilbert and her story...calling her selfish and that she threw away a good life with her ex-husband. I can't figure out if it's jealousy speaking or if it's the garden-variety hate that seems so rampant these days. Anyway, I was completely shocked by these reactions.

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