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Monday in Bologna and Back to Verona

My short time in Bologna was absolutely perfect! Monday morning, after breakfast, I walked Brad around my old "hood".



We were SO WARMLY WELCOMED at "my caffe" by Marco and Claudio! We were treated to coffee and pastry.


We walked around my neighborhood, visited with my friend, Mara, and the girl at the salumeria/wine shop. We walked to Santo Stefano and had a drink. We somehow ended up at the kitchen shop to buy me a MATARELLO! Now I hope I can get it on the plane! (31 inches, and well, wrapped)

We returned to Porta San Mamolo to see 8 rooms to choose between for our upcoming http://Palmabella's Italy
trip in May.

OK, are you sitting down? For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember that when we had a Slow Trav lunch in Bologna in June, there were a group of rude Italian men who laughed at us during our lunch at Al Sangiovese. I had an appropriate conversation with them at the time about their "bruta figura". Well, we walked in there for lunch, and guess who was at their same table?!!! I smiled at the "ringleader", and actually walked over to his table after he smiled with recognition. He stood, taking my hand and saying, "Senora, Bentornato a Bologna!" Hehehe. He remembered me AND his good manners.

After lunch, we wandered around the market, buying a few small gifts, then met Rafaella and Marcello for a nice, long, afternoon coffee! So lovely to see them again!


We were soon on our way back to Verona in time for wine and a light evening snack at Enoteca Segreta.


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In all the years I've gone to Italy the only time I remember native Italians acting as rude as those men in making comments about us "tourist" was the one and only time I rode on a train at the Bologna train station! And..that was over 40yrs ago..so perhaps these were the same men all grown up!! I am glad you talked to them that day we had lunch. I am salivating at the sight of the food you and Brad are eating!! Ciao!!

Barb Cabot:

Brava! I still am so proud of the way you were able to express your disappointment with the rude comments in italian. Obviously it hit the mark. Bet Brad loved seeing your hood.

It sounds like a perfect day on so many counts, wonderful!

You are certainly covering a lot of territory on this trip!

I am enjoying traveling with you!


Another fun post, I love that the "ringleader" recognized you!!!

a lovely photo of you with Marcello and Rafaella. I see you're in front of Eataly! I can't wait to see them again. Marcello looks great, younger than I remember...it's his hair. He has a snappy trendy cut!!!


How nice to take Brad to your favourite spots in Bologna. That is a great picture of Marcello, Rafaella, and you!

I can't wait to hear if the matarello fits in your suitcase! I can imagine you convincing the flight attendants to let you carry it on board!


So glad the rude dude repented.

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