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NOW WHAT? Announcing a New Endeavor

Well, let's see...

I've been

a teacher (4th and 8th grades)
a vice-principal
a travel college instructor
a therapist at a non-profit
Director of a mental health agency


private practice therapist
supervisor of interns in training
consultant to a local school district for mental health services for Early Head Start
part-time Italy tour leader

and now in my SPARE TIME...


Here are my offerings for Fall/Winter:

Take out items: (Minimum order: 4 servings of any item)

Appetizers: (*Hot Appetizers)

Cheddar-Rosemary Shortbread “Cookies”
Stuffed Belgian Endive gorgonzola OR cream cheese-chutney
Mini Caprese Picks
Palmabella’s Chicken Liver-Apple Pate with Crostini platter
Italian Cheese Board with Strawberry Balsamic Peperocino Jam and Honey (serves 8-10)
Charcuterie Board with Olives and mustards (serves 8-10)
*Ham-Gruyere-Honey Mustard Palmiers
*Sausage Tarts
*Brie-Fig-Prosciutto Tarts
*Hot Crab Dip
*Warm Fennel Dip with breadsticks


Fennel Soup
Leek-Asparagus Soup
Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs
Cider-Cheddar Soup

Pasta and Risotto (serves 8-10)

Apple-gorgonzola-pecan risotto
Butternut Squash risotto
Baked Risotto with Spinach and Parmigiano
Pesto-chicken baked pasta with fontina
Baked Sausage Pasta
“Not Your Mom’s Mac&Cheese”
Pesto Lasagna
Butternut Squash Lasagna
Lamb Lasagna

Hot Entrees 

*Stuffed-Herbed Pork Loin with Fig-Brandy Sauce
*Citrus Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin
*Stuffed Flank Steak with Italian Salami-Fontina Stuffing
*Normandy Chicken with Apples and Onions
*Chicken Thighs with Fennel, Onions and Pancetta
*Chicken-Spinach Triangles in Puff Pastry
*Phylllo Chicken Pie with Gruyere and Pancetta
*Asparagus Tart
*Pistachio-Crusted Tilapia with Pomegranate Reduction
*Short Ribs with Fig Glaze

Cold Entrees 

Chicken-Pesto Roll ups
Cold Chicken Breasts with Tonnato Sauce
Curry Chicken Salad with Grapes and Cashews

Hot Side Dishes 

*Pumpkin-sage polenta
*Fennel-Mushroom Bread Pudding
*Italian Scalloped Potatoes with Sage
*Corn-Leek Pudding
*Cheesy Polenta with Sage and Gruyere
*Glazed carrots with Thyme and Honey

Cold Side Dishes and Salads:

Rice-Corn-Black Bean Salad   
Foraging the Forest Salad (baby greens with fruits, nuts and berries in citrus vinaigrette)
Orange-Fennel Salad with Blood Orange Dressing
Fig-Gorgonzola Salad with Fig Balsamic Dressing
Tortellini salad with tomatoes, garlic and brie
Grilled Veggie Platter with Spicy Aioli
Broccoli-Bacon Slaw with Gouda 
Lemon-Garlic Orzo Salad with Grilled Squash and Zucchini
Marinated Asparagus 


Chocolate-Hazlenut Panna Cotta 
Apple Crumb Tart with Cinnamon Gelato 
Gingerbread Cheesecake (Fall or Holiday themed)
Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato with Fudge Sauce 
Butterscotch Budino (Italian Pudding) with Caramel Sauce and Creme Fraiche Topping
Trio of Mini Cream Cheese Tarts: Lemon, Berry and Chocolate 

Holiday Cookie Trays: Assortment of 6 Dozen cookies:
Taking orders NOW for December Delivery! Makes a great GIFT!

Lemon Curd Bars
2-Tone Cinnamon Cookies
Chocolate Ganache Espresso Tarts
Red and White Peppermint Sandwiches
Holiday Cream Cheese Oreo Truffles
World’s Best Cookies (all-time favorite cookie EVER!)
Lemon Glazed Tea Cakes
Chocolate-filled Turtle Bites
Chocolate-dipped Shortbread with Toffee Brickle
Holly-Iced Sugar Cookies
Hand-Painted Wreath Cookies
Red and Green Pinwheels
Peanut-Chocolate Bars
Butterscotch-Toffee Cookies
Cranberry-Pistachio Cookies
Chocolate-Dulce de Leche Sandwiches
Hazelnut-Chocolate Heaven
Raspberry Gems

Pick up or delivery

I'm starting very small. It's all word of mouth, homemade flyers and business cards. I have three friends anxious to "promote me" to their friends. I have different circles of friends to hand out flyers to. I have arranged my therapy and supervision schedules to give me big chunks of "cooking time". I'm EXCITED, a little nervous (that I could be too busy?), but we shall see!

Since I wrote this blog post, YESTERDAY, a few flyers have gone out. I ALREADY have orders for several cookie trays (for both Thanksgiving and Christmas), and a few dinners. One woman called and asked if I would "do her Thanksgiving". I said, "NO" to the turkey! "How about some sides and a pie?" I referred her to one of the local grocery stores for Thanksgiving dinner. LOL I'll be baking cookies all weekend!

Comments (21)


All that I can say is "WOW". Wish I lived closer. Do you deliver to Florida?? lol..My daughter is trying to get a bakery started in Salt Lake, she makes beautiful cakes of all kinds and cup cakes. But board of health will not let her do it in her home. She is lookimg for a private kitchen to cook in.. Good luck,as with everything else you do, I know you will do well.. Hope to see you in Rome in May..Sher


Congratulations, Palma! This sounds like another of your great adventures. How old are you...21? You have more energy than anyone I know!
Good luck with this new venture.



Well, no surprises here, congratulations and best wishes for your new endeavor. Now, if you only lived closer . . .

Brilliant idea! I'm linking this up to our friday's favorites... I hope you are busy enough to pay for another trip to Italy. (and that's pretty busy)

Lou Ferrentino (Luisa):

God, Palma, I'm exhausted just looking at your offerings. I'm sure you will be successful. Good luck and I'll pass on the information to some of my friends.


I too wish you lived closer - but for more reasons than your cooking! I know you will do fabulously well.

Are you selling those really professional looking jars of jam we saw yesterday?

Barb Cabot:

It's a brillian idea...born to be a winner!

In boca al lupo!

That is SO exciting! Of course, I always thought you should be a party planner/caterer - you are so good at it and seem to enjoy it.

In this coming Holiday season, I bet you will be really busy - maybe too busy!

chiaro di luna:

Let me know when you expand and open a branch in Ontario...say Burlington or near by. I'd be a regular customer, as would my DH's firm.

Good luck in your adventure.


My Bella Sorella ~ you have always been a success in all of your "adventures". This is only the tip of the iceberg (and I dont mean lettuce!!!) LOVE the business cards, they turned out adorable!


What a perfect idea. Good luck!!!

This sounds like an excellent way to begin the business. I love the list and it is perfect timing for the holidays.


I envy your energy level! Wish we lived closer.

Wonderful Palma! You bring excitement, energy and passion to all you do.

I could see you cookies going mail order ;)


Beth :

Ohhhh. Could you pack your car with everything before you come over to Vegas? It all sounds delightful.

sounds like a heavenly match - best of luck!


in boca al lupo, Palma.

I hope you charge enough to make money.


Congratulations, Palma! I know you're going to do so well -- I so admire your energy and initiative!

Palma-This sounds like a great career for you! You've got to be so excited. I sure wish I had the energy to even begin something like this. I can't imagine having so many offerings. It doesn't sound like you started on a small scale to me. Enjoy every minute of this new endevour.



Palma, I wish you all the best! You are the best, afterall.

I was just thinking ... like many others, I wish I lived closer to pick up some orders...

The perfect endeavor for you! I have been thinking of the Sunflower Cookies...

Tanti Auguri!! What a great idea! Do you deliver to the islands ;) Wishing you the best of luck!

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