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How we Found Luigi

Last weekend on our visit to the Bay Area, on Sunday (OMG, it's only been a WEEK?), we had breakfast at Max's in Stanford Shopping Center with Roxanne and Slow Travel friend, Sharon.


After breakfast, while everyone was still lingering over coffee, I walked outside to smoke. At an outdoor table, sat a couple with the cutest black cockapoo. I totally intruded on the couple's lunch, and they happily told me all about their new 7 month old puppy, Bruno. After a few minutes, I went back inside and got Brad, Sharon and Roxanne to come out and see the dog. He was calm, smart, and within seconds, Bruno was in my lap, kissing my face.


AGAIN, I sat with the couple, and they told me about the breeder Bruno came from in Christmas Valley, Oregon. She is president of the Cockapoo Club of America. (Doesn't Christmas Valley sound lovely?) The woman, Lolita, gave me the breeder's phone number. Her husband said they waited 9 months for this litter of puppies, as they wanted a dog between 25-30 pounds. SO DO WE! Then he said there were three more littermates, siblings of Bruno.

Before we were out of the parking lot, I was on my i-Phone to Christmas Valley. By the time Roxanne dropped us off at the airport at 3:30, I had an email response. On Monday, we spoke on the phone, she answered all our questions, and sent photos. A couple of emails and a credit card later, our puppy had his health certificate and an airline ticket.

Friday, Luigi flew from Oregon to Seattle, then Seattle to Burbank, CA. They couldn't find a connection that allowed enough transfer time to Palm Springs, or Ontario, so off to Burbank in the rain we went. We were SO excited to meet Luigi. The breeder, Debbie, suggested we NOT uncrate Luigi at the airport, as he has never worn a collar or been on a leash, so we carried the crate to the car. I sat in the back seat with a doggie blanket, and we met Luigi for the first time in the airport parking lot. He was such a sweet boy. He sat quietly on my lap all the way home on a LONG three-hour drive in pouring rain.

He has learned SO much in his first 48 hours at home! I may be biased, but Luigi is a BRILLIANT puppy (who is currently barking at his reflection in the window...).


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CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new puppy!! He is just adorable!


He's gorgeous - congratulations on your new boy!


I'm so happy for you and Brad. Luigi looks so sweet. I hope this will be another great adventure for you.


He is adorable! I look forward to reading the continuing adventures of Luigi!

Barb Cabot:

I would say the whole thing was DESTINY. What a lovely family you make. Merry Christmas! He is the best gift ever.


Beautiful story...you've and he, have been blessed...love the pictures, he's too adorable!

Robert Santa Monica:

That has to be the cutest pup I have ever seen. And how nice that he seems to be smart as well. I had never heard of a cockapoo before.


Lucky Luigi, to have landed a home with you & Brad! Glad to hear he has brains as well as good looks :).


sorry to be off topic here but i'm making the "buon natale marbled greeting cookies". i keep having trouble with them breaking aong their borders, where the 2 colors meet up. no matter how much i press and fatten them out. how do you avoid this issue?


Just make sure there is not too much flour around the different colors of dough. When I made these last year, I remember only 1 cookie broke apart. Maybe "seal" the colors together by wetting your finger with a couple drops of water between colors.


ok. thanks! I'm going to try that. I am working on them as i type this....oi!


What a wonderful addition to your family, you were all meant to be together! I love happy stories like this. Luigi is so adorable. Wishing you many, many happy years together!


Looking forward to more stories and pictures of Lucky Luigi! We lost all three of our dogs last year to old age and haven't had the heart to start over again. This could be the breed we've been waiting for.


Congratulations, Palma and Brad!!! Luigi is beautiful -- I can't wait to hear more about him (and see more photos)!!!

Gail Hecko:

Finally had time to take a peek at this Luigi fellow! So cute. I hope you'll teach him Italian!

He's gorgeous! :) My dad's name was Luigi. He was smart too.

Love to you both (all three) at christmas and always.

He is gorgeous and sounds like a sweetheart. A great addition to the family. :)


Ah, he's found his way home. Wonderful...


Palma, I haven't been able to check your blog for a few weeks, but I was really happy to read about the new addition to your family. You and Brad have so much love to share with sweet Luigi! I'm smiling thinking about the three of you.

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